June 21, 2024

Three Diamond engagement Ring Shapes for the Modern Bride

The cut of the main stone makes all the difference. This is true when it comes to finding the engagement ring of your dreams. Each tend to sparkle and shine in its own way ad deciding which one appeals to is great way to start. Start thinking of what is important to you in everyday jewellery. Needless to say diamonds are one of the most popular choices when it comes to engagement rings. Below are three types of diamond engagement rings that are most often adopted by modern day brides.

1. Round cut diamonds – This shape of diamonds is popular among brides and they flock around it everywhere. If we consider that it is the shape that maximizes the fire of the diamond, while receiving proper light, it is not surprise this one rules the roost. Round as well as brilliant cut diamonds work well with solitaires in two-stone and three-stone settings. It also works well in geometric settings for a more retro look. This type of diamonds is great for brides who love the classics thus emanating a total old world vibe that is perfect for vintage settings.

2. Princess cut – Feeling like a princes is the ultimate goal for many a bride. Diamond engagement rings such as the princess cut is a widely popular engagement ring style. The princess cut’s shape is a versatile face-up shape which is complete with a square or rectangle shape. This makes it a primary choice for any ring style.

You will get a modern look and a geometrical look while still boasting of a ton of brilliance. They are also very much less expensive than the popular round cut. However, be sure to choose a protective setting as the princess cut diamonds are known to start sipping at the corners or falling out.

3. Cushion cut – This is one exquisite cut that is often compared to that of a pillow. Diamond  look moissanite engagement rings such as these boast of a combination that is square cut along with rounded corners. When combined with the 58 larger facets, it increases the stone’s brilliance. It has been around since the 18 th century and was huge in the 19 th century when most of the gemstones were cushion cut. They have recently surges back into popularity. They do tend to have a less intense sparkle, yet look great in a modern setting.

No matter whatever diamond engagement ring you choose, consider the shape of your fingers. They are going to influence in a major way in terms of whatever ring you choose. Other choices for engagement rings that are more unique are pear, marquise, oval-cut, emerald cut, and pear cut. For those who are of the romantic sort, there is the heart shaped diamond. Take your pick and spend wisely.