April 18, 2024

4 Must Have Casual Shirts for the Summer

casual shirts for men

Casual shirts are more comfortable to wear, and the styles of casual shirts are very attractive and unique. Particularly in the warm weather, you cannot wear heavy clothes and hard clothes. Therefore, it is time to have a look at your shirt rotation and make some updates. Wearing shorts in the summer need not mean getting hot under the collar.

Opt for seasonally appropriate designs in breezy fabrics and vibrant prints to tackle everything from heat waves to vacations like a pro. The fabric of casual shirts for men is more breathable, soft, and not covered in formaldehyde, made for non-irons and available in a wide range of solids and patterns. Here are the top 4 recommended casual shirts for the summer:


Chambray uses a plain weave in its structure that results in a thinner fabric than the twill weave used for its jean making. This makes a chambray shirt an excellent choice. The chambray shirts will be fantastic, and it is light, comfortable and remains its weightier counterpart’s good appearances and versatility. Many of the men want to buy a chambray shirt because the style of the chamber will be unique. When wearing a chamber shirt gives you the liberty to deck up just the way you want. You can wear it with classic denim jeans and desert boots while you are going to casual events. When wearing denim down below, make sure the shades are different enough to contrast, as anything too similar will look jarring. Switch your jeans for chinos in a brighter shade such as beige, off white or stone.

Over shirt

In summer, you cannot be able to wear heavy clothes and shirts. But the overshirt is a true wonder garment. One of the few outwear pieces that can be enjoyed year-round makes a trusty companion for summer days. The overshirt is versatile, which acts like a perfectly suitable lightweight jacket when the weather is warmer. On winter days, you can also layer things up or wear a coat over them. Look for nylon or cotton versions for ultimate versatility because both materials are lightweight, easy to wear, and layered over during colder days.

Linen shirts

Linen is the best solution for warm or hot weather because it is light and airy as well as provides you with the chance to experiment with some pastel shades that you may not ordinarily go for. For the casual wears, linen shirts work well, and they make a valuable ally all through the summer months and beyond. It is a classic warm-weather shirt that looks great with chinos and shorts, even with a blazer. Buy a long sleeve or short sleeve cotton shirts and look for basic colours like white, blue, grey and simple patterns for maximum versatility. If you wear linen shirts, jeans or casinos, you can roll up the sleeves and wear casual shorts. There are a lot of methods to consolidate the linen shirts with them, such as suit separates, tortoiseshell shades and desert boots for a relaxed take on summer wedding attire.

Short sleeve shirt

Nowadays, the short sleeve shirts have attained high demand, ranging from light colours to geometric patterns and tropical print. Due to its versatility and warm weather practicality, designers have reclaimed this casual summer style. Whatever your preferred mode of turning peaks, whereas a short sleeve shirt works with most summer leg wear, from shorts and chinos to lighter denim and linen trousers. Combine the short sleeve with linen shirts or chinos and inject some texture into your look. It consists of a relaxed video and a flat, lay down- style collar. Wearing this type of shirt gives a perfect look, and make sure the sleeve ends no higher than mid-bicep and never wear it with a suit.

Cuban collar-short sleeve shirt

The Cuban collar shirt is a breezy fashion staple, lightweight outline and print, that adds character to its overall look. Most men prefer the Cuban collar shirts when they are in no mood to dress up on summer days. Usually, the Cuban part belongs to the shirt’s open collar, which performs it ideal for leaving space on your chest. This shirt is a must-have for many people, but there are few considerations to be made. Make sure to keep the sleeves short as that adds more uniqueness to your frame. In addition to this, most Cuban collar shirts also feature a fairly boxy fit, straight hem and button upfront.

Final thoughts

These are required casual shirts that can be utilized on summer days. Make sure the size and height of the shirt before you buy it. It is crucial to consider the pattern and style of a casual shirt and the shirt’s brand. Look for a high-quality shirt to avoid any damages. Keep the above type of shirts in your mind to choose the best one.