May 24, 2024

Invest your Time in Ethical Hacking Course and Training

“Hacker” did not start as a dirty word. But it evolved into one, thanks to malicious hackers. Despite how oxymoronic the term “ethical hacker” may seem, the Ethical Hacker certified credentials are not a joke. Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH for short, is an IT certification that indicates competence in network security, in particular in countering malicious hacker attacks through preventive countermeasures. Despite the fact that malicious hacking is a crime in Middle East and most other countries, it has become painfully clear that only ethical hackers can stop malicious hackers.

About CEH

This is what Ethical Hacker credentials certification. It is a universal ethical hacking certification (ie not related to any brand) for information technology workers who wish to specialize in hacking “legally”. The same knowledge and tools used by malicious hackers. Because the idea behind the Certified Ethical Hacker in Middle East credentials is that “it takes to get to know one”, it is also for “evil hackers who have become good”. In fact, even before credentials were introduced, private companies and government agencies were hiring malicious hackers reformed for this reason. But the Certified Ethical Hacker credentials go one step further, indicating that those reformed hackers (and others who earned it) have legally agreed in writing to abide by the law and honor an ethical code.

How to become a certified ethical hacker?

Students must have at least two years of safety-related work experience to access the Certified Ethical Hacker training program. This is to shield Certified Ethical hacker in Dubai and aspiring hobbyists. It would defeat the point if the program could be used to train new hackers. Potential students are also projected in other ways. After obtaining the Certified Ethical Hacker credentials, job applicants are likely to undergo background checks. Security evictions are likely to be required for cyber security jobs at government agencies or private companies with government contracts.