April 18, 2024

Humanity will Always Sovereign over the Crisis!

Corona onslaught has paralyzed the whole world. Its consequences have shaken everyone and there’s no sector left untouched by it. It looks like an impossible thing as none has even thought for even a second that all multinationals, education sectors, businesses, railways, air flights can ever stop for even a single day! But as our ancestors usually told, God’s acts surprise all and when he acts things beyond imagination happens right away. No doubt, everything happens for a reason and if Almighty has locked up things then surely he made a key for that too. But here the test is about our patience.

One thing you might have noticed is, the cluster we all Indians have made by binding feelings with each other. Anyone person suffering at any corner of the nation automatically ignites the pain in our hearts and we on the whole start knitting things to become a helping hand for them. Coronavirus has mobilized collective efforts to quickly extend help to people in need.

So today, let us visualize the positive part of corona, how people at large are coming forward, and becoming the real heroes!

  • Donations

Corona has created an unimaginable cluster of people who conjointly have come forward to help the needy. Through PM Fund, direct help is navigated to the people in need. Obviously, as though, ways of earnings have closed and daily wage earners are suffering a ton in fulfilling their basic needs.

This donation wherein the celebrities, country’s bigwigs, and even the common people have given their part is being used by the government to help the poor people. They are availing them food two times per day and helping their survival.

Besides food availability, this donation is used to make more kits for the detection of COVID-19 and on research to bring positive results in finding proven treatments to deal with it. Donations overall are bringing great results for the people at large.

  • Protection Masks

COVID pandemic has necessitated it for everyone to wear a mask but due to its shortage, it’s not possible for the complete Indian population to get it. These masks provide a sense of security and many organizations are coming forward by preparing homemade masks and thus helping people in protecting from corona attack.

These masks surely dwindle the risk associated with virus transmission via sneezing, coughing, or speaking.

  • Sanitation

Sanitation is pre-requisite to stay protected from the virus. Either it’s your hands, body, or whole surroundings where you are living, it’s imperative to keep it sanitized properly. Time to time government is awaking people to keep sanitizers at their homes and clean their surroundings after every use, especially washrooms, kitchen, and all those things that they use consistently.

However, most people don’t have sanitizers in their homes. For them, many organizers are continually sanitizing their places and areas in a proper way so that there’s no chance of the emergence of virus anywhere to infect people.

  • Food & Ration

People have turned unemployed suddenly and most of the Indian population didn’t have an approach to food because of coronavirus crisis. A plethora of families are sleeping hungry as they don’t have money to buy a meal or cook it and numerous are forced by the lockdown to strand in homes or at the railway stations or even at state borders.

It becomes the duty of every person to avail of food items to those people. Either it’s a matter of ready to eat food or ration, everything is tried to avail to the needy so that they can survive in these difficult times.

A plethora of organizations has made teams who are distributing food and ration to the people at their homes and letting them satiate their hunger. Really their work is beyond words.

  • Stray Animals

Who thinks about animals when own life is in danger? But there’s no shortage of humanity warriors too, who don’t just take care of humans but also do proper care of animals and birds. They are feeding them and availing water for them too so that they can also survive. They are visiting in every area and making arrangements for their food and water there.

Want to Know About the Contributors?

Well, now it’s time to introduce you to those organizations who are working relentlessly to help people during this national emergency. Here is the list of NGOs providing incessant help during COVID-19!

  • MCKS Food

This Delhi-based non-profit organization MCKS Food for Hungry Foundation is on the mission to never let anyone sleep hungry. During the lockdown, it has given its exemplary services by availing nutritious cooked food by increasing the capacity of its kitchen by 6times. The food is prepared under hygienic conditions and meets all quality parameters too.

  • Zomato Feeding India

This not-for-profit organization has begun a new project ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ to support daily wage earners’ families in getting food during this national lockdown period. This NGO provides a meal kit containing all essential food items that can run for a week in a family of five. It has partnered with other NGOs too like Health Research Organization, Centre for Education, Balancing Bits, etc. to fulfill its agenda of availing food besides maintaining social distancing and following other guidelines of the government.

  • Dera Sacha Sauda

This one organization being formed in 1947, is giving an exemplary part to deal with this lockdown period. Not just the food to hungry but they are continually sanitizing the places, preparing masks, and distributing to every that person whom they discover being going somewhere without masks. Alongside ready to eat food, they are providing ration to the needy families to help them survive during this emergency period. Besides humans, they are feeding stray animals too and that’s really amazing!

Their volunteers are known for their readiness to donate blood anywhere and anytime required. During this emergency, they are even donating plasma that is required for COVID patients not just in India but in the whole world. They are taking complete responsibility by extending their helping hand in all matters.

  • Give India

Give India, the non-for profit organization is also giving its part in donating food parcels for the needy, especially daily wage earners. Also, they are helping by availing hygiene kits for people in high-risk areas.

  • Goonj

Goonj is providing immediate relief to the affected people to beat the COVID-19 crisis. For long-term rehabilitation to wage earners, it is working relentlessly. It has launched ‘Rahat’, a program under which kits of essential items including personal care items, ration, etc. These kits are serving people’s needs to large. Even the donations collected by this NGO will be utilized to address other related issues of these wage earners like healthcare, education, debt, and all. 

Many other organizations such as SEEDS, Kashtakari Panchayat, Sharnarthi Sewa, Humane Universal Good Deeds Network, Khushiyaan Foundation, Uttishtha Foundation and many other similar are working to extend the necessary help to every sufferer.

So what are your points in this regard? We think this is the perfect example of unity in diversity wherein all organizations are coming forward together to help people in need. There’s no need for evidence that the corona pandemic has made the survival of people hard and in that emergency, these organizations are performing commendable jobs.

Do share your views with us in this regard in the comment section!