June 21, 2024

7 different types of Wedding Stage Decoration over the years

The Indian Wedding Stage Decoration is the only consistent piece of decoration in a marriage function. Along with the extra hint of glamour and drama, weddings do have a series of prior sleepless nights and excitement.

Not only for the big day but also for the overwhelming beauty of a wedding Stage Decoration. Undoubtedly this takes a series of different outcomes for different cultures and communities. But one thing stays common all the way round, the explicit indigenous ethnicity and personalized requirements.

Though the presentation is unique in every other wedding but here are seven different types of wedding Stage decoration over the years.

  1. Floral wedding Stage Decoration

This particular wedding Stage decoration has been the show stopper for over centuries. But Indians and flower culture comes from ancient times!

Cultural diversity and regional perspectives may differ on a large scale, but wedding Stage decoration with the weapon of floral embroidery is truly universal. From among a wide variety of enchanted flora and fauna, few stays above all.

Lavender, orchids, dandelion, sunflower, roses and many more. They are indeed a game changer, because the vast variety of flowers can highlight any sort of wedding stage decoration.

  • Bohemian form of Wedding Stage Decoration

This wedding Stage decoration is for those who want to keep things minimalistic yet expensive and elegant. Moderately, the millennials pink and all other pastel shades play a big role inside this.

Designs varying from the light colors to a huge pallet of stripe patterns. Bohemian is the most modern and elegant form of wedding stage decoration.

  • Wedding Stage Decoration with Lights

Wedding Stage decoration is just incomplete without proper lighting. But, at some points lighting plays the role of hero!

Every bit of the stage decoration is covered with some sort of lighting. Maybe a set of string lights or even the chandelier. The wedding Stage decoration is filled with the extremely beautiful lighting pattern.

Some even use lighting to decorate the wedding mandap but at the end, it all looks beautiful when it is a wedding.

  • Wedding Stage Decoration with Geometric backdrops

For people with a calculated budget for wedding Stage decoration, this is the best option. An inexpensive, get explicit way of decoration.

The backdrop usually encompasses around the theme, like Geometric shapes and patterns going well with the other components of the wedding stage decoration.

  • White and fury wedding Stage Decoration

Rich, elegant and classic. This is the most beautiful and soothing form of wedding stage decoration. Filled with white laces, furs and chiffon; this can be the most eye treating stage decoration.

If you want to have a very elegant, yet rich wedding stage decoration then definitely go for whites. Many might say that white weddings are totally a western culture but to be honest, white decor are actually really beautiful.

Utterly modern and contemporary, white plays a beautiful low-key wedding pallet.

  • Shimmering wedding Stage Decoration

This wedding Stage decoration is highly appreciated among the elder section of the family. The reason behind this is, shimmer and glam has been a wedding fashion for over centuries in India.

Say it or not, we all love the glittering flow strings and fantasise that into our own wedding theme. So, this pattern has been an evergreen theme of every Indian wedding stage decoration.

If in doubt about what to do for your wedding stage decoration, completely go for the good old shimmering stage decoration!

  • Wedding Stage Decoration with a 90’s vibe

Old is truly gold! bring out the good old retro fashion into your wedding stage decoration. Go for antique themed patterns, vases and strings.

This shall not only create a sense of nostalgia for the older ones, but it is going to bring in beauty in a different alphabetical order.

Wedding Stage decoration changes from person to person, because at the end of the day it is all about choices. So, go for what fits you and your family the best and make that happen!

Disclose all the hidden golds happening in your mind to your decorator and let the magic happen. Among all the seven ideas given above, choose the one which goes well with you or else incorporate everything together for the big fat wedding Stage decoration.