April 19, 2024

Wigs: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

One of the most common reasons for using wigs is hiding hair fall. Many people use wigs to conceal their thin hair and bald scalp. Another reason for wearing wigs is to change hairstyles without haircuts or without harming original hair. Wigs are more popular among celebrities. They wear wigs to change hairstyles for every different character. Ancient Egyptians used wigs to protect their head and scalp from the extreme sun rays.

Wigs are available in three different types – synthetic, human hair, and the combination of both. Human hair wigs are made from natural hair and are more durable than synthetic wigs. They require more maintenance and are expensive relative to synthetic wigs. The wig industry makes a lot of money every year due to the increasing demand for wigs. Newtimeshair is one of the most popular wholesale wigs in human hair manufacturers worldwide.

4 Reasons Why You Need Wigs

1. Conceal Natural Hair Problems

As mentioned above, wigs help conceal all hair issues, like hair fall, hair thinning, receding hairline, and bald scalp. Hair fall is the most common type of hair problem faced by a lot of people. Hair acts as a crown on the head of people. Therefore, people may feel discouraged or get their confidence down if they experience hair fall. Wigs help people to gain confidence and have a better look than before with a different style.

2. Protect Natural Hair

In ancient times, Egyptians used wigs to protect their hair and scalp from the sunlight. Wigs help original hair grow healthier, more robust and longer, as they preserve original hair from being manipulated. Due to harsh weather conditions, hair may get damaged and result in hair fall. In such cases, wearing wigs keep original hair safe from such conditions.

3. Protect Hair From Being Damaged Due To Hairstyles

If you are fond of having different hairstyles every time, wigs are the best option to pick. Wigs are available in multiple styles and colours. Therefore, you can choose wigs of your favourite colour and style or can get customised wigs from any manufacturer, like Newtimeshair. Instead of visiting a salon for hairstyling, you can opt for wigs, saving a lot of money.

4. Convenience & Versatility

Wigs are convenient. Styling original hair whenever going out is quite time-consuming. It may not be feasible for working people to spend their time styling hair. In such conditions, wigs can help them save their time by having the most attractive hairstyle. Wigs are versatile. You can have a different hairstyle every day without spending much time.


If you have severe hair loss or love having different hairstyles, you can undoubtedly go with wigs. Newtimeshair is the famous manufacturer of wholesale wigs human hair. It provides top-notch quality wigs in the U.S. and Europe markets.

It manufactures wigs of different materials, like European virgin, Indian Remy Hair, Chinese virgin, etc. Moreover, wigs’ bases are made up of other materials, like monofilament, PU, ultra-thin skin, French lace, Swiss lace, and injected skin. It provides two types of wigs – stock hair systems and custom order hair systems.