June 4, 2024

Top Neighborhoods to Live in Thane

Top Neighborhoods to Live in Thane
Even though there are a lot of luxury class residential units available in the area, you can find affordable flats for sale in mumbai West.

The city of Thane is situated just outside Mumbai. Although it’s not as big as the metropolitan and financial capital of India, it’s hardly as polluted. You can experience a comfortable life in the suburbs of Thane. The city provides instant access to the city of Mumbai, making available everything in Thane that’s in Mumbai. Furthermore, you can also get access to the lush green landscapes and scenic horizons that Thane is famous for. In fact, according to Knight Frank’s latest report, Thane is now a city that is gaining popularity for being investment-friendly. Millions of people are looking to invest in the real estate sector of the city since it promises high yields. You can buy apartments, flats, and even a house for sale in Thane.

Here are a couple of neighborhoods in Thane that you should consider moving into:


Located near the Vasai Creek coast, the neighborhood of Majiwada promises serenity and luxury for everyone. It’s also one of the oldest localities in the city, making it one of the most reliable ones as well. You can take the Eastern Express Highway that connects the city to Mumbai and get access to all that’s there. Not only can you find all the amenities and provisions you need, but you can also find attractions as well. This makes Majiwada appealing to adults looking to move into a peaceful neighborhood. Moreover, the access to top-notch restaurants, malls, and retail centers make it appealing to youngsters as well. Taking the Majiwada bridge, you can enter the central part of Thane and find everything you need. Whether you’re looking for parks, fitness centers, residential flats, and apartments, you can find it all in Majiwada.

For investors, the neighborhood boasts of high yields. You can find apartments for sale in Thane at affordable prices. Although the majority of the residential units are 2-bedrooms, you can find bigger options as well.

Ghodbunder Road:

Ghodbunder Road is a collection of large spaces of land that have major developments going on. The stretch of Ghodbunder Road spreads across the coast of Vasai Creek, circling to Northern Thane. Since it’s very accessible through major highways and provides large tracts of land, it’s a viable real estate investment option. Furthermore, it’s not fully developed as of yet. Hence, the prices are affordable. In fact, the area boasts of more affordable properties than other areas of the city. You can rent out a 2-3bhk apartment for Rs 13000-19000.

Areas such as Puranik Tokyo Bay, Parkwoods, Puranik City, and a lot more make Ghodbunder Road a strategically smart investment. Moreover, you get top-notch hotels and restaurants offering continental cuisines and retail centers nearby as well. This goes to show that everything is available for all those looking to move into the area. For investors, the residential and commercial real estate investment options are plentiful and very profitable as well.

Vasai East:

Vasai East is famous for being a peaceful commercial center that houses offices and headquarters of many organizations. Some of the top developers in India managed to launch plenty of large-scale projects in the area. These projects consequently increased inventories that are being examined and purchased by investors. Vasai East is situated near Tungareshwar National Park, giving it substantial green landscapes to please the eyes. In addition to this, the presence of high-end malls and Carnival Cinemas make Vasai East appealing to all ages. The accessibility to luxury amenities and all the provisions one can ask for make it ideal for living.

From an investor’s perspective, Vasai East is among the top areas to consider due to the location’s centrality. Even though it’s part of Thane before 2014, the Vasai East area was separated and developed keeping the focus on industrial development. The progress goes to show the abundant opportunities promising great returns on all sorts of commercial and residential investments.

Thane West:

If you wish to be in the part of the city that provides local access to all parts of it, move into Thane West. Suffice it to say, the infrastructure of the city’s western side provides comfort and ease to its residents. Areas such as Anand Nagar, Azad Nagar, Dhokali, Kasaradavali, and Manpada all offer luxurious high-class living options. Even though there are a lot of luxury class residential units available in the area, you can find affordable flats for sale in mumbai West. So, move in to enjoy a life of comfort filled with luxury amenities to make the most of your time with your family.