June 4, 2024

The specialty of the morning, evening and overnight desert safari

Have you ever experienced spending a night under the sky? Where stars are watching you and the moonlight is present. If yes then you know what it feels. It is so peaceful for the soul. You can actually feel as if the stars are talking to you. There is silence everywhere. There is peace everywhere. The night is clear and calm. If you have not experienced this before then don’t worry. I will brief you with an amazing offer and your first experience will be the best and memorable experience of your life.

I am talking about the Arabian Desert. The activities at the desert are carried out by Dubai desert safari. What about spending a night under the sky and over the Sand dunes? I mean spending a night at a desert. Deserts are so peaceful. The Sand dunes, the silence, and the breeze make the desert adds more beauty to the desert. Spending a night at a desert is going to be worth your time and money.

Dance in desert safari Dubai:

The tanoura show is a form of dance that signifies Arabian culture. The people performing wear a special tanoura costume which is a skirt filled with beautiful colors. The dancer spins around without taking a break. They are so much experienced and they practice it a lot. The handwork is actually paid off.

Enjoy the fire show:

The fire show is a hit show and it is praised by many people. The reason is the efforts of the performers. The way they use fire objects and play with fire is so surprising. It is like wow! The players know very well how to play with fire. The beautiful colors of henna are so eye-catching. The henna experts are well trained and very well experienced. They will make the design that you choose. Decorate your hands with henna.

Arabian tradition:

The dinner is also a part of the Dubai desert safari. It is cooked in Arabian spices. It includes buffet and barbeque which is so tasty. Food will add spice to your night trip. Dubai desert safari offers morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari.

If you want to spend a night at a desert and what to experience the entertaining camp activities and the night fun then books an overnight desert safari.

Many fun activities are also a part of the overnight desert safari. The activities are tanoura show, the fire show, henna art, Arabic costume photography and the delicious dinner which includes buffet and barbeque.

After camp activities are over and you still wish to stay then you can. Ending a day with an overnight desert safari is what you need.

Sit under the sky and have your own time. Think about your imaginations have come true