May 26, 2024

Real-Life Reviews of University of Phoenix Demonstrate the Benefits That Easy Access, Wide Program Selection and Self-Paced Learning Provide

Reviews from University of Phoenix students – both current students as well as graduates – highlight how the university’s wide program offerings, self-paced learning and easy access to learning and support resources make educational attainment and career enhancement a reality for many students and professionals.

The university was founded in 1976 and, for the last four and a half decades, has leveraged the expertise and commitment of instructors, academic advisors, educational design experts and educators to help working adults balance work and study.

In a recent review, one student beamed that the instructors and staff at the university were an integral part of his success. They helped him achieve his goals with the best resources he had ever seen at a university, and he highly recommends the university to everyone.

While enrolled in the University’s MBA program, Hall was pleased with both what he learned and how he learned. The courses were academically challenging and covered relevant subjects he needed to know, and all courses included a well-designed combination of individual and group work. Hall was able to complete the coursework on his schedule as his full-time job allowed, but he was also part of a team within each class. This individual and team structure is, of course, similar to the corporate environments that many MBA graduates ultimately find themselves working in.

Other students related that they had wonderful experiences at the university as well and that they were able to work, take care of their families and go to school full-time thanks to the flexible class schedules offered. Students who faced years of delay due to work or personal commitments were ecstatic to receive their degrees thanks to the university’s policies that ensure learners from all walks of life can enroll in the programs that interest them with scheduling options that work for them.

One reviewer shared her journey toward a Criminal Justice degree and said that University of Phoenix makes you feel like family. She was so happy that she had made the correct choice when looking for an online education. She stated that her advisor had been incredible in answering her questions regarding classes, education and career opportunities, and she gave the University a five-star rating.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is proud to provide students and professionals from all walks of life access to quality education, ongoing support and a range of resources to help them succeed. Through innovation and dedication, the university continues to work toward – and help students and learners build – a better tomorrow for everyone.

With an innovative approach to education, the University of Phoenix is always focused on the needs of the adult learner population, and it has adopted an instructional framework that reflects the instructional strategies that are most relevant to this demographic. The university offers a wide range of degrees and certificates all focused on helping working adults pursue their education goals

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