May 24, 2024

Is moisture good or bad for us? – A guide to non-vacuum dry cabinet

Non vacuum dry cabinets

A normal level of humidity is needed for our health. But too much humidity or too low humidity negatively affects our health.  Our wardrobes, cupboards and other storage box trap moisture and bacteria grow in these dark and damp places. Molds, fungus are not only unhealthy but they can ruin the things inside these closets. Using of silica gel, charcoal bricks, dried neem leaves, camphor balls is very common to prevent dampness. Whatever we may use, these have to be replaced regularly because they lose their effectiveness over time.

Any sensitive, sophisticated component can be damaged by water vapor or moisture. Water itself is not destructive. But the notorious result of its oxidation i.e. water vapor or moisture causes degradation of manufacturing process. Being a universal solvent, water dissolves ionic toxins, changes conductivity of the material resulting in degradation of electrical function.  Mixing with our material, water causes harmful chemical reaction which degradespharmaceutical products and chemical mixtures. Moisture absorption and exposure to it may damage many things. Non vacuum dry cabinet is the obvious solution to this issue.

What is non-vacuum dry cabinet?

Non-vacuum dry cabinet isthe enclosures with desiccant material which is used to sustain a state of dryness in its area. In this cabinet desiccant material maintains an internal environment of specified of RH (related humidity) value. RH value can be between 1-50% anywhere. This dry cabinet isused to dry the oxygen sensitive substances. This is e also used for experimentationsin relation to high grade temperature. This dry cabinet is appropriate for drying hygroscopic products that need low level of moisture content. This device can help to dry lumpy and gluey things also.

How it works?

Vacuum system is the vital factor while designing this dry cabinet. In the process of drying, the produced vapor is taken out to the surface condenser where vapor will be condensed. With the help of its vacuum system, the vapor which cannot be condensed is extricated. Once the process of drying is complete, circulation of cold water inside the hot plate makes the products cool.

How Desiccant is important for dry cabinet?

Desiccant absorbs is a drying agent which absorbs water quickly. Putting into heat, desiccant can easily be refreshed and brought back to its original state. Again it can start absorbing. For its absorbing property, Desiccant is important. Based on recovery of desiccant, dry cabinets are of two types – dynamic and static. The dynamic dry cabinet recovers desiccant by utilizing the warming component while it approaches for immersion whereas in static dry cabinet desiccant requires manual recovery.

Features of the dry cabinet

Non vacuum dry cabinet comes with the following features:

  • The thickness of stainless steel made dry cabinet is 1 mm. This makes the device strong and good performer.
  • Advance technology is used for surface treatment. This has an orange painting pattern which includes fifteen processes and provides strong resistance to corrosion.
  • An ultra-bright display is there in the cabinet with LED light for viewing moisture and temperature. The humidity sensor is of high-quality and has memory functions.
  • The range Humidity display is 0-99% RH and temperature display is from -9 degree to 99 degree Celsius.
  • For absorbing moisture high quality absorbent is required.
  • This cabinet is non-reactive to chemicals and corrosives; therefore it is long-lasting.
  • Consumption of power is very less and can work in low voltage.

What are the defects related to moisture contamination?

The defects we can see are bond lifting, die lifting in semiconductors, pop-corn effect. Corrosion due to ionic contamination is a possible defect. Pop-corning and micro-cracking of ICs (Integrated circuit) and BGAs (Ball Grid Array) are also possible defects.

Benefits of using non-vacuum dry cabinet

Damage due to moisture contamination can be prevented by using this dry cabinet. It eliminates the essentiality for moisture barrier bags. Without putting in Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) before, we can put reels, electronic component directly in the dry cabinet.

What items can be stored in dry cabinet?

Any materials that is prone to moisture related defects. Electronics components, cameras, PCBs, lenses, semiconductors, and musical instruments can be stored in this cabinet. Non-vacuum dry cabinet is must equipment for laboratories. Biological samples, chemical samples, pharmaceuticals and many more are stored in the cabinet.

Does the desiccantrequire replacement regularly?

Under normalconditions, desiccant of the dry cabinet can work for more than 10 years.

What chemical reaction is used by dry cabinet?

Non vacuum dry cabinet do not use chemical reaction. Simply the desiccant absorbs themoisture and dries. Water goes out through outside of the cabinet.

Does dry cabinet require maintenance?

A very low maintenance is required for non-vacuum dry cabinet.

Non vacuum dry cabinet is important for those experimentations where low moisture content is required.