May 25, 2024

6 Must Read Motivational Books for College

motivational books for college

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

 Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you are a book worm, you will understand this very well that how a book can make you feel alive. Books are truly an escape. Have you ever been in a situation where asking people for suggestion feel useless, or you need someone honest to you and also have the power to make you feel motivated and ask you to never lose hope? Well, there is no one who can do these things except for one thing which is BOOKS.

Books have the ability to solve all your problems. Of course, it depends on you which books are you willing to read and what genre you are reading. Books will always be your constant best friends. They will never walk away from you. They will make you happy, solve all your problems, will make you forget your issues and guide you but will never ask anything in return. Books give you intelligence and you become smart. Smart enough to write and your imagination goes wild.

There are a lot of books that will motivate you to stand up for yourself. The book will guide, give you ideas, techniques, and confidence to overcome your hurdles and be a stronger person than you are. If you are looking for such motivating books, here is a list of 6 must-read motivational books every college person should read once in their life. Once you are done with these books you can write essays on them or take help from essay writing services. They offer cheap essay help and are worth your money and time.

Have a look at these books and decide which one you are going to start with first and what do you think about them.


This book is written by the famous Khaled Hosseini. It is one of the best books you will ever read. This book will change your perception and the way you perceive things in your life. It is a heartbreaking tragedy of friendship between two boys. This book will make you reconsider your life choices and your behavior and attitude towards your life and your loved ones. The love for the homeland is basically the theme of this book. Give it a read. You will surely weep too so remember to keep tissues with you.


This book is written by Shiv Khan. If you want to achieve something in life and be successful, give this book a read. This book gives ideas and techniques to apply in your life to achieve your goals and dreams. This book will guide you and empower you to face all the hurdles and challenges in your life with courage and bravery. Hurdles can be as small as getting up early or as difficult as going for an interview or even studying for your exams. It teaches you to stay positive by doing 7 steps, it motivates you to make your weaknesses your strengths and it also teaches you to accomplish all your goals through effective learning.


This book is written by Amy Morin. She is a therapist and when she went through a personal loss, she made a list of things to strengthen herself mentally to face tough times. This book will guide you to mastering your mental strength with techniques and strategies that work for a child, teenager, CEO, or homemaker. She has given tips, exercises, and pieces of advice which will improve the quality of your life.


This book is written by Sean Covey. The teenager is an age where people get out of their control, goes through a lot of changes, and make some life decisions. This book will guide on how issues teenagers go through every day such as getting along with your parents, building good friendships, setting or achieving your goals and dreams, and many more issues. This book is filled with quotes, examples, stories, ideas, and techniques which will motivate you to grow and conquer everything.


This book is written by Mark Manson. This book is a self-help guide. This book ensures you that it is okay to not feel positive and it is normal to story trying or stop pretending to be positive all the time. This book encourages you to accept your flaws and embrace them instead of correcting them. Embracing them will give you the confidence to face the world with bravery. It has a lot of entertaining stories and humor so you will not feel bored at all.


This book is written by Napoleon Hill. It is a motivational book on personal development and self-improvement. The book is divided into few laws and principles which one should follow to achieve financial independence and self-development by essay help UAE. It is based on the author’s earlier work on the law of success. Give it a read and you will definitely love it.


These are some of the books you can read when you are in need of motivation or going through your low days. These books will help you identify yourself and you will believe yourself. These are self-help books and after reading these books you will not need any therapist or people to comfort you. Make books your company. It is on you which books are you going to read or which book feels more relatable to you. It is okay to read slowly so take your time in reading these books. Jot down points which makes you feel better or motivated. Trust this, once you will start reading you will not stop. You will dive into the world of books, wanting more, and never want to come back and face reality. That is the best thing about books. They make you smart yet never let you feel lonely even if you are alone in a room.