May 24, 2024

What Is Augmentation Rhinoplasty All About?

Rhinoplasty is a technique that is mainly used to aesthetically improve the shape and size of the nose. It can involve shortening the size of the nose, making it straight or thinner. Many details are included in particular. This is an easy procedure that does not takes a heavy toll in someone’s pocket as it can be easily done around one to one point five lakh. For better results, you need to wait after your augmentation rhinoplasty or simple rhinoplasty to show its best results.

What is the procedure of doing a rhinoplasty?

With the help of a surgical hammer if possible, your nose will be photographed from eight different angles. It is after this method all possible after surgery look of your nose will be displayed to you in 3D simulation. Doctors choose close rhinoplasty techniques for nasal humps that can be removed. No steps can be lifted, the curvature of the Nose Bridge can be straightened, and asymmetry in the nostrils can be fixed right along with those if you have conscious or deviation problems. They can be treated in the same session close rhinoplasty technique won’t leave any visible scars on the tip of the nose. The structure of the nose contains nasal bone up or alter cartilage. The lower dollar cartilage and in the middle line nasal septum under general anesthesia with intranasal chisels, upper and lower older cartridges will be relocated in the middle part nasal home will be removed without hammered by using special equipment. Following this process nasal bridge will be rasped after, the hump is removed from the nasal bridge right, and the left side of the septum will be cut vertically, and then double-sided horizontal cuts will be done at the top of the nasal bone for achieving anesthetic side view of the nose.

How is the upper spectrum of the nose treated?

The upper side of the lower alter wings will be removed after this step cartilage grafts taken from the septum. They will be relocated either side of the upper septum. The vertical cartilage graph which will be placed in the nose tip and lower all are cartilages are shaped with stitches thus looseness of the nose tip in asymmetries of the nostrils are fixed cuts on the nose tip will be closed by the anatomically dissolvable stitches, therefore there will be no need for the final touch. The aesthetic form of the lower sides of the nasal bone will be cut downwards later the gap in the nasal bridge will be closed by pushing both sides for supporting the internal structure on the middle line. Silicone leaflets will be placed in both nostrils after the skin covered special nasal strips are applied. The operation will be finalized by placing a thermoplastic splint on the nasal bridge. Now if you wish you can ask your doctor to show you the results of augmentation rhinoplasty pointing out the before and after images. This is how a surgery takes place, it takes a lot of effort to give you a look that you like, and that will stay with you for your lifetime.