June 21, 2024

Top Online Shopping Mistakes That Most Buyers Make

In the year 2019, almost 1.92 billion buyers opted to buy digitally, and e-Commerce sales stood at around 14.1% in the retail sector.  As per the report of Business wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, e-Commerce trade will grow at a CAGR of 49 % in India, which is a good sign for some of the prevailing and influential e-Commerce players like Bewakoof.com.

Bewakoof.com is well known for quirky taste in fashion and unquestionable wit, presented via clothing, accessories and other products. They are veterans in online shopping for men category. When you need the best designs and out-of-the-box fashion awareness, no one could justify your need better than Bewakoof.com. But today, the essence of the discussion is not what Bewakoof.com does to your clothing preferences and style but the increased dependence on online/digital purchase and a few top mistakes that most online buyers make now and then.

Top Mistakes Most Buyers Make That You Can Prevent

Choosing a Non-Reputed or Lesser-Known Seller or e-Commerce Marketplace

Most buyers are always looking for the best prices online. They are on the hunt to find out the best online shopping websites. At times, many names aren’t that famous, but they offer the best prices or, at times, even unimaginable quotes. The worst scenario is once you fall prey to their gimmicks, the refund policies, returns, and consumer complaints give you nightmares during the resolution process. While picking up an e-Commerce marketplace for your next purchase, always make sure that they have a reputation in the market, and their presence has been for a very long time in the competition.

Clickbait or Unknown Emails

While buying or on the hunt to pick the essentials, most customers are clickbait to visit unsolicited websites that appear tempting or clickable due to their offers. The moment you click on such sites, track and trace of information for malicious purpose happens. Most of the time, while you are making a purchase, they might clone your card details and use the same for online frauds. The best way to avoid this mistake is by eliminating the urge to click on any click-bait link. Instead, find their details on the Google search engine and dig information from there. If you are up for online shopping for men, make sure that you are not making the mistake of falling prey to the click-bait campaigns of fraudsters online via online search and email campaigns.

Non-Use of Credit Cards During Purchase

Most buyers prefer to use a debit card instead while making the purchase online. It is a good practice, though. But the catch here is that the Federal Law Wing does not protect debit card transactions. Meaning, they are more susceptible to end up on a loss-making note on the instance of fraud. On the contrary, credit card purchases are governed and protected by the Federal Law Wing. Such leverage allows charge backs and other claim processes to follow when you are making a purchase. So, next time you visit online shopping websites, make sure that you have your credit card ready to book your order and complete it.


While buying online, always keep these small things in mind and prefer only a reputable marketplace for the purchase. Top brands give you an umbrella of protection against online frauds, and your money’s never getting robbed on such marketplaces.