April 19, 2024

Top 10 Easy To Care And Beautiful House Plants

Anything in this whole which is beautiful, then it is natural. But the main beauty of nature is, it’s plants and colorful flowers. Because the plants and trees human beings are alive in this world. But what we are doing, we are destroying them for selfish reasons. You know, greenery is very important for our pure surroundings.  But in cities plants are vanishing, in fact everywhere. So today, I am going to suggest some indoor plants. It will spread positive vibes and greenery in your life and home too. In fact, it will enhance the beauty of your home. But while choosing indoor always remember, it should be carbon dioxide taking plant.

1.Money Plant 

The money plant is one of the most common and popular plants. This plant only has leaves. It doesn’t require lots of care. You need to water it once a week in the summer season. It is a creeper plant. You can keep it on your window. Its leaves will look beautiful. In India, it is a sign of good luck. So you can gift someone plants along with online cake delivery in Delhi

2.Aloe vera Plant

Aloe Vera is not only for enhancing the beauty of the home, but also the beauty of yours. I mean, it’s a pulp is boon for skin and health. It also requires less care. You can keep it anywhere at your home. It needs a small area. 

3.Peace Lily Plant

You must be aware of lilies. This plant is something like that. You can keep it in your drawing room, too because it doesn’t need lots of sun rays. It gives flowers but mainly in the summer season. It is a very homely plant.

4.Snake Plant

If you are a traveler and you to stay less in your home. This is the perfect plant for you. Because it requires less care. You can water it twice a month. It has little broad and straight leave. This plant is a combination of two or three colors.

5. Christmas Cactus Plant 

This a unique kind of plant. Usually, cactus don’t have flower but it has. It requires care but very little. It grows in the winter season, usually in mid-December. After flourishing, you just need to give its shape by cutting some of its parts. So it can flourish beautifully.

6. Dracaena

It is a different kind of plant, basically it a foliage plant. It has long and thin leaves of multi-colors white, red, cream, and green. It looks perfect on the center table or dining table. You can keep it in your office too. But it doesn’t need so much care. But you can keep it on the table until it is small and young. Because after growing up it requires the area too, spread its leaves. Because of its long and leaves. 

7.Coffee Plant

If you are a big coffee lover, then this is for you. But if you keep it at your home for your coffee requirements, then sorry. Because of this, you have to plant lots of coffee plants. It will be not sufficient for daily requirements, but it is enough for monthly requirements. It looks so beautiful and easy to handle. You just, need to water it regularly. 


This is one of the plants, whom you can treat like unwanted. Its requirements are less and beauty is just wow. You can order online lots of variety of cactus from Bloomsvilla. It is said, it protects the home from bad energy. 

9.Croton Plant

Croton leaves look like a beautiful and colorful painting. It requires sunlight, to grow and it needs water too. But at the same time, it can be toxic so you have to be careful. Try to keep it at height, where children and animals can’t reach.

10. Peperomia Plant 

It is such a blessed kind of plant. Because it has numerous leave structures and colors. If you want to send flowers to Pune online to your beloved. I will suggest, send heart shape peperomia plant. Your beloved can keep wherever he or she wants. It can mix with any place. This is one of the loving houseplant. You can keep it according to your choice, and it’s the shape of leaves , just amazing.