June 21, 2024

Tips On How To Choose Car Insurance For Your 4 Wheeler

When purchasing a car, you should make sure to get the right car insurance. Before the vehicle even hits your driveway, the auto insurance is already there protecting you. This purchase deserves as much time and thought as any other big financial decision. Follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the best value out there. 1) Familiarize yourself with the liability amount your state requires you to carry. This is likely your first step.

How to pick car insurance like a pro

1. Know your options before you make the choice

Third-party liability insurance covers the third party for any kind of injury and governs the legal responsibility, if any, of the insurance company to compensate the injured party. The other category is comprehensive insurance. This includes all the risks that are covered under third-party liability coverage and also covers the insured car against damages incurred due to any reasons.

2. Your car is so precious, but does your insurer know that?

What is the IDV? It’s the basis for your car insurance claim. It’s the maximum amount you will get in case of an accident. All other claims are calculated on this basis, and your dealer might suggest a lower value to reduce the premium, but that doesn’t mean you’re not protected.

3. You know your needs, you pick the coverage

You know your needs, you pick the coverage. At mahindra portal, we have different insurance plans in the market that cater to different types of people. But nobody would understand your needs, and your situation, better than you, definitely not your car dealer.

4. You looked at so many cars, look at some insurance plans too

Once you have identified a few similar plans, go on and check its coverage (will you need a new or used replacement car? Will the insurer pay for temporary car rental? Will they give you money to hire a lawyer if you incur loss from an accident? The answers will help you decide which plan works best for you.)

5. Amateurs take what they get, pros ask for more

Add-on covers are additional cover options to your car insurance policy. They provide extra coverage and can be added to your policy like toppings on a pizza.

Zero Depreciation:  Zero Depreciation is a car insurance policy that waives off depreciation on certain car parts to make you eligible for higher claim amounts.

Roadside Assistance: PayBima’s Roadside Assistance is a 24×7 service that provides assistance to its customers on the road due to car trouble such as engine failure or a tire puncture. 

You’ve spent a fortune on your car. You love it and you know it, and because you have comprehensive car insurance policy, you can rest assured that your car will be protected in case of an accident without creating any financial burdens for you.