June 21, 2024

Tasks of the QC inspection services

There are several importers from different countries who import products from China due to low manufacturing cost. But they need to inspect the materials first for quality control. These companies prefer to work with a professional team to get the best report.

Some reasons for hiring these companies:

They offer high integrity. You will usually work with the QC inspection services that can take particular measures to prevent different types of corruption and bribery that can alter your product quality. They take some serious steps like enforcing their strict ethics, rotating inspectors regularly, offering the complete report after every inspection. They ensure that the inspection result is accurate and there is no misconduct is done.

Excellent customer support team

These service providers are equally skilled. They are fluent in a different language and easily accessible. They can travel with the team to discuss all your expectations face-to-face.

Proper reporting

You will get the complete inspection report through email with 24 hours of completing the inspection.

Excellent flexibility

You can take the services at any time or any day of the week. You will get flexibility also as per your criteria of inspection. These inspection team can tailor the right process to meet all your specific requirements and your quality concerns. They follow a step-by-step process to give you the report as early as possible. They follow up with their clients also so that they can understand the detailed report fast.

Before inspection checking

Before creating the deal, they will suggest specific on-site testing and checks for inspection purposes. They can create also a custom QC checklist for every product. They will offer you different steps of inspection with different styles to match your specific budget.

As they get all the information regarding your order and product-related issues, they contact the suppliers to arrange the right inspection program when the clients require it.

During inspection

Once they set up the time table with the supplier, these inspectors will travel and visit the factory at the scheduled time for conducting an inspection. They will start it by pulling out the random samples to check whether they meet the AQL standard or not. 

These inspectors will check every unit and different sample size personally. They will check to confirm your specifications like functions, colors, textures, dimensions etc.

These inspectors will conduct the on-site checking or tests also that is important for your product.


They will offer you the report after completing 24 hours of the inspection. The team will issue the detailed report through mail, will complete it with photos and remarks. It will show you the quality, quantity and condition of your products or if any issues found. You can ask for the video footage also of the factory or product if necessary.

These inspection teams offer global support, which is available to discuss any type of inspection, results etc. they can plan the corrective action plans for the companies too if necessary. These corrective plans can address the quality issues first. You can contact the suppliers immediately to apply the corrective plans.