April 18, 2024

Pine VS Hardwood – Why Use Treated Pine?

Timber is a good construction material because it is overly attractive, readily available, versatile, customizable, offers so much flexibility, etc.

But when it comes to durability, that is where the debate comes in. Some people believe that timber is not durable and is expensive to maintain. Well, this is true only up to a certain point.

Indeed, timber, in general, is susceptible to damage by water, moisture, and wood-eating pests. However, this will vary depending on the specific type of timber you choose. Some wood timbers are more prone to damage and expensive to maintain than others.

That explains why hardwood timber is one of the most preferred materials for decking, fencing, and other outdoor constructions. It is far more durable than most woods.

Did you know that Pine, too, is a good material for outdoor constructions? That’s right! But you have to rely on treatments for it to work.

By nature, Pine cannot withstand external weather conditions and is, therefore, less durable than hardwood. However, everything changes with treated pine timber.

In this article, you will discover the difference between Pine and hardwood timber and the reasons why treated pine timber is the best.

What Is Treated Pine?

Treated Pine is a term used to refer to the end product of pine timber already permeated with a preservative chemical for longevity. The goal is to protect the wood from premature decay, insects and wood-eating pests, and other related factors. That helps extend the life of the Pine and increase its durability.

There are several different kinds of chemical solutions, and their use may vary accordingly. While this is true, the usual ones are fungicide and insecticide.

Similarly, Pine treated timbers are of different types, and their service life and uses may vary depending on the following factors,

  • Level of treatment used
  • Treatment process
  • Level of hazard exposed

The two most common options used in Australia are

  • Water-borne preservatives pine-treated timber; uses preservatives such as CCA and ACQ.
  • Solvent-borne pine-treated timber

When choosing your ideal option, think about your needs and the purpose first to maximize your advantage. Also, remember to choose your supplier wisely.

Question: is there treated hardwood timber?

Yes! Of course, treated timber does exist, and it is more durable than untreated hardwood timber.

So, Why Insist on Treated Pine?

There are several reasons why treated Pine should always be your number one choice. These are

  1. Treated Pine is Far More Durable

Without treatment, hardwood lasts longer than Pine. When treated, Pine becomes better. That means treated pine timber is more durable than treated hardwood.

  1. Treated Pine is Sustainable

If you love your planet, then treated Pine is the way to go.

Hardwood trees take 100 or more years to mature. But pine trees only take around 25-30 years.

Indeed, some chemicals used to treat timber can be very harmful to you, your family, or your environment. Just make sure that the type of treated timber you choose is as safe as possible. As long as you do that, you shouldn’t feel guilty using treated Pine for your project.

  1. Treated Pine is Naturally Beautiful

Pine is unique and exceptionally beautiful; you cannot mistake it with any other type of wood. Its light color and grain patterns are just so hard for anyone to ignore.

The only reason why some people prefer hardwood to Pine is its durability. But treated Pine quickly solves that problem, allowing you to enjoy both the longevity and the beauty of pine timber.

  1. Treated Pine is Easy to Use

Anyone who has used treated Pine can agree that the timber is very easy to use. It is easy to cut, carve and stain.

The longer you take to prepare and treat your timber, the longer it will take you to complete your project. It will take even much longer if you have more than one project.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with treated Pine.

  1. Treated Pine is Affordable

When choosing the ideal type of timber for your project, there are so many factors you need to consider. The cost is one of them.

Pine is far more affordable than hardwood and so many other types of timber in the world. One of the reasons for this is Pinewood is sustainable, as stated above. Another factor that partly contributes to the cheap price tag is pine trees can grow in many countries.

  1. Treated Pine is Low Maintenance

Pine on its own is susceptible to fungal infection, infestation by insects, water, and other related factors. It gets damaged easily and can only last for a few years.

The treatment, however, protects the timber from damage and increases durability. Treated Pine timber requires very little or no effort to maintain. With that, it can last anywhere between 15 and 25 years, sometimes even more.


If you have to choose between hardwood and treated pine timber, you should always go with the latter. It is more durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing, among other things.

It is the only option that will give you the most benefit without spending so much of your hard-earned cash.