July 11, 2020

Impact of Cosmetic Industry Beauty Packaging on the Environment

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As a customer, we become conscious of the health effects of cosmetics but the environmental effects of these beauty products are very less mentioned. The cosmetics have a very negative impact on the environment, sadly notorious for its negative impact, the cosmetics industry contributes to pollution and drains many natural resources. The actual cost of the cosmetic product is much more than the retail price.

The cosmetic industry ruins our environment in many ways and it’s a time to take a view of the environmental impact of cosmetic brands we choose to enhance our beauty.

  • The chemicals used in beauty products are very toxic, it affects the natural ecosystem of a living organism in oceans.
  • From many years the cosmetic industry contributes in the breakdown of landfill
  • The waste material if the cosmetic industry that adds in the soil can change genetics, disturbed the reproduction, and cause many types of cancers.
  • The few natural ingredients brands add in the cosmetics are the major source of depletion of natural resources.
  • Moreover, the ingredients used in cosmetics also cause climate changes and deforestation.

Let’s see how these harms occur to environments by the cosmetic industry.

Toxins in beauty product and its packaging

Many of the toxins used in the cosmetics cannot build up or break down in our ecosystem so these toxins end up in rivers, oceans, and streams. However, it is not only the sea life that is affected, but this water also evaporate and form clouds which then with the change of climate liquefied and pore on earth as rain. These toxins not only add in soil by the cosmetics but also by it’s the packaging because the cosmetic packaging also contain small amount of these toxins.

Butylated hydroxy acid and butylated hydroxy toluene are the most dangerous toxins they cause the death of aquatic species and change the genetic material. Toxins that build in environments reacts with nitrate to form nitrosamines which are carcinogenic to human. After knowing all these affects you should be careful before disposing of the cosmetics and it’s the packaging.

The plastic packaging of beauty products

The plastics are the best place for bacteria to grow, the bacteria grow in the number of amount in the plastic used in the packaging of cosmetics and travel to the world. This is the major source of spreading disease from one corner of the world to the other. The plastic custom printed cosmetic boxes destroy the ecosystem of oceans as well as the land. We can reduce this impact by reuse and recycle the packaging. 

Natural components of beauty products

Nowadays there is a huge competition between brands to add natural ingredients in their product just to fool the customers. Customers also want to purchase the cosmetic with natural ingredients but the truth is there are only one or two natural ingredients and a list of harmful substances. Brands depleting natural resources by using natural ingredients in their product.

Moreover, every brand wants its natural ingredients on cheap cost and bulk amount to stand out in competition without considering its environmental impact. This results in more pesticides in generation on the earth and reduction of natural resources. You should be conscious in selecting the beauty brands, choose the beauty brands that have sustainability enterprises.

The palm oil utilized in beauty products

The palm oil used in the cosmetic have dual effects, it also affects when cosmetics are wasted and also when the cosmetic boxes wholesale are disposed. Because oil can seep or absorb in the cardboard box and when it is added into water it affects the breathing of fishes and other organisms living in oceans. Moreover, clearing the palm tree for oil destroys a vast area of the rain forest. Reduce the number of trees that cause global warming and climate changes.

Cardboard packaging of beauty products using cosmetic boxes in USA

The cardboard packaging is relatively environmentally friendly as compared to plastic but still, it has some harms if not dispose of properly. The paper and cardboard material can damage the land and scarce the landfill space. When the cardboard and paper breakdown, it contributes to leachate that contaminates the water. Their breakdown by the bacteria on the earth produces methane gas which causes the greenhouse effect.


The cosmetic industry is contributing a lot to increase environmental pollution. The industries should have proper disposal ways and they should recycle the material to reduce their effects. They must not dispose of their wastage of packaging material in the seas and oceans so that the life there will be safe. Every individual on its behalf should take care of the environmental impacts of different cosmetics to save our ecosystem by using recyclable cosmetic boxes wholesale.

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