May 26, 2024

How to Spot Good Real Estate Options in Mumbai to Move Into?

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You’ll need to consider the following factors before you decide to move in. No matter if it’s a villa, apartment, condo, or flats for sale in Mumbai that you choose from.

There are certain times in a person’s life when they have to move. This is one of the moments where you worry about two things. One is about what you’re leaving behind even if it’s just temporary. Secondly, we all worry about where we’re headed next. Since the first is an individual’s own problems, let’s focus on the second. You’re about to move into a new city with a new neighborhood, locality, people, culture, and even norms. Being anything but fully prepared can result in a loss of precious time and money. You’ll need to consider the following factors before you decide to move in. No matter if it’s a villa, apartment, condo, or flats for sale in Mumbai that you choose from.

Let the Budget do The Talking:

There are going to be innumerable options for you to research and form opinions on. However, not all of them will be great for your particular situation. How you decide what goes for you depends on how much you’re earning. Even if you can afford to move into a nice luxurious home right now; the question should be whether you can sustain it.

Experts would recommend going about it thinking of the long-term game plan. Firstly, you’re not going to enjoy a vacation and you’re going to be working. Therefore, it’s imperative that you save up from your job too. This means that you can’t afford to barely make it through the month and start over at every first. That’s why experts would recommend getting a place that has a maximum rent equal to 30% of your salary. This way, you can spend 20% on utility bills, 20-30% on daily and miscellaneous expenditures, and save up the remainder.

Let It Be Close but Not That Close!

A lot of people don’t understand so let’s put it simply. You don’t want to sleep where you work and that’s true even if you’re right across the street. A little change of landscape will prove worthwhile if you like to make the most of your time off.

When it comes to the location of the property, people desperately think of saving transportation costs. Even though it’s a very wise approach, you shouldn’t ignore other factors such as the neighborhood. Localities on the southern side of Mumbai appeal to many looking for residential units. It’s one of the most peaceful communities to live in. Although looking to move around the BKC isn’t a bad idea either. Similarly, being near the Worli Sea Face can prove advantageous with the perfect amenities available in the area. Needless to say, whether it’s an individual or a family that’s moving in, the area will prove plentiful and fun.

Researching Structure and Infrastructure:

We all try to be careful with house visits and try our best to not leave anything unnoticed. However, it’s still impossible for a single person to fully survey a property on the first visit. That’s why you need to:

  • A-      Have someone go with you to make it easier and more convenient
  • B-      Have more than just one or even two visits.

It’s important that you have someone, preferably a professional agent, to go with you on house visits. You can prefer to talk to the owner of the property alone if you want. However, you can send your agent to negotiate for you as well. In either case, when it comes to visits, you can’t rely on yourself alone nor on your agent. Both of you should take a detailed tour of the property several times and observe everything. You’re looking for anything from the seam in the wall to leakage or problems with waste disposal.


Coming out from the property, you need to check the retail centers and the surrounding amenities such as parks, schools, etc. Having fitness centers and gyms in the area is necessary along with other points of interest that appeal to you. Even if they’re not there right now, check if anything’s planned with an oncoming project, considering the developments. Future developments in and around the area will likely provide you with opportunities and amenities too. Such is the case if you move in or around Piramal Aranya. You’ll find everything one can ever need in the city of Mumbai around the area.