June 7, 2024

How To Apply For Gold Loan Per Gram?

Immediate requirement of payment of emergency financial assistance may be approached these days by people who would like to obtain gold loan per gram makes it possible for a borrower to avoid the hassles encountered in getting conventional bank loans or NBFCs loans. There are many borrowers who want to grab the loan but they don’t have enough information regarding how to apply for gold loan per gram and where to apply for it. Here we are introducing some valuable points related to how to apply for gold loan per gram. Picking the right gold finance company to get gold loan per gram is a vital aspect of any gold agreement. You can follow these points for your reference.

Application Process

You can now get gold loans from as low as 1 gram to 100g plus from the comfort of your home/office. Application is simple with just enquire online from a NBFCs / commercial bank portal for your gold loan requirment. Trust me, applying for a loan for this minimum amount is absolutely easy. All you need is to have a smart phone and internet access.  Muthoot Fincorp is India’s leading NBFCs. As the flagship company of Muthoot Pappachan Group (also known as Muthoot Blue),  you can visit your nearest branches for application process of gold loan.

Documents Required at time of application

Apply with us for a Gold loan (with gold as collateral), offers the best place on web to borrow money. Documents required at time of application are: PAN card, Address proof (any government approved ID or Passport), Income certificate issued by employer (only original and not a photocopy), Driving license (if available).

Apply for gold loan per gram

There is no need to rush if you want big benefits. Gold loan per gram now available from various banks or NBFCs. The best part is that you do not need to pay interest on it. All bank customers can apply for gold loan per gram without collateral after filling online. Here is the golden opportunity for you get loan in cash from us on per gram basis. Here are some points that should be noted for you to get an advance loan from us.

 1) There is almost no paperwork required, as long as you have your Aadhaar card handy.
2) Since there are very less formalities involved, you can get cash into your account within 24 hours of applying
3) The amount can be scaled up or down depending on your requirement.

Muthoot Fincorp Gold Loan Interest Calculator helps you know how much loan your jewelery can take. The approved loan value depends on the purity of your gold jewelery and the current gold prices adjusted to the ratio of the value of the loan. The higher the level of purity, the higher the loan value. To determine the rate of gold loan per gram, we employ in-house valuers, who weigh the pledged jewelery and evaluate its purity, are right in front of you and provide estimates in writing. . As per RBI instructions, we use an average price of 22 carat gold in the last 30 days.