June 5, 2024

Had An Accident? Your Face Can Be Restored! All You Need Is A Nose Correction

The Nose

Attractiveness is all about proportion and balance. The nose is located at the center and the front of the face and it provides the foundation and the required aesthetic balance. If you choose a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon, you can have a nose correction and the nose can be redefined to enhance the beauty of your face.

Rhinoplasty, or nose correction, improves the symmetry, size of the nose, bringing the required proportion to the face. It can be very rewarding and life-enhancing if it’s performed by a skilled professional. It can enhance your life and the appearance can be more attractive than ever before. The nose looks natural and patients say that they got the nose that they always wanted.

Changes that can be made

The main goal of nose correction is to satisfy the patient. By reshaping the nasal bone, the cartilage, and the skin, the following changes can be brought to the nose:

  • Straightening of the crooked nose
  • Reduction of the length of the tip of the nose
  • Smoothening of a bump in the bridge of the nose
  • Refining of the size of the bulbous nasal tip
  • Narrow a too-wide nose
  • Reduction of the size of a large nose
  • Restoring the symmetry to the face after some injury
  • Correcting the breathing problems faced by an individual

One or more of these changes can be made to the nose through rhinoplasty. It is common in actors because they need an attractive face.

Who can undergo Rhinoplasty?

Both men and women of all ages are benefitted by nose correction. It is among the most popular cosmetic surgery. Some teenagers undergo rhinoplasty too but special attention is paid by the surgeon that do they even need the surgery or not. Moreover, the young patient should be fully grown and should be ready for surgery. The nose is generally fully developed at around the age of 14 years for girls and 16 years for boys. Young patients should be emotionally mature too.

One must be very reasonable in expectations from the surgery. It can do improvements in the current nose but can not provide a new perfect nose. You might not get what exactly you want. But, you can get the best possible. An expert surgeon will provide you the best possible nose out of your current nose. They’ll provide a nose that looks natural.

After Surgery Life

Once the surgery is over, there are a few precautions one has to take for a few days. The nose is generally placed in a splint after the surgery. It supports the new nose and protects it from accidents. One might also have packing inside the nose which can be removed in a day or two. Generally, it comes out itself. There might be stitches inside the nose but they are dissolvable generally so, you don’t have to get them removed. You will be provided with medications to avoid pain. The life for next 2-3 weeks will not be easy. In case of anything weird, you must contact your surgeon as soon as possible.