April 19, 2024

GMAT Preparation And Coaching

GMAT is Graduate Management Aptitude Test and is conducted for the graduate students to test their proficiency in some areas. The students who want to study management course further and are seeking admission in top universities should appear for the test. They should well-prepare for four sections namely the analytical section, integrated reasoning section, quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning. So, they should undergo rigorous GMAT preparation to study the subjects.  They should study the material and keep in mind some of the core concepts of each section.

GMAT test

It is a computer-based test conducted for graduate students by the Graduate Management Administrative Council. The students can score maximum 800 marks in the test. They should appear for four sections namely the analytical section, integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning and mathematical aptitude.

In the analytical section, they should present the analysis of an argument and complete the section in 30 minutes. They should present their ideas, opinion and views about the topic along with examples and evidence. So, they should prove their critical-thinking skills.

The next section is the integrated reasoning skills and the students should their skills to interpret data by viewing graphs and other presentations. This section consists of 12 questions and should complete the section in 30 minutes.

In the quantitative section, the students should solve 31 questions. They should complete this section in 62 minutes and should prove their numerical skills. They should solve two sections namely problem solving and data sufficiency.

The last section is the verbal section and the students should solve 36 questions. They should complete the section in 65 minutes. It contains three sections namely the critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence correction.

So, they should undergo GMAT preparation to study these sections.

Styles of training

The students can undergo classroom training and attend 66 hour session. So, they can attend mock tests, full-length tests and review unlimited essays. The students can attend webinars and prepare a detailed plan to study the course. They can also learn to build their own profile.

Then, they can join live classes and attend classes for 120 hours. They can attend the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and study the material provided to them. They can watch the pre-recorded video concepts for more than 45 hours. They can also watch the pre and post class webinars and study the concepts clearly.

The students can also join online training and study in depth the concepts of the test syllabus. They can get accessed to the doubt-clearing sessions online. They can attend other interactive sessions such as mock tests, full-length sectional tests and also attend the webinars. They can attempt the questions that are provided to them for the mock tests. They can also join the online forums and discuss online about the concepts and their doubts. Using the interactive analysis dashboard, the coach can track the progress of the students.

For the private tutoring, they can study in-depth the coverage of all the concepts. The students can study at their own flexible hours. They can prepare a detailed plan to teach the students strategically and systematically.