June 5, 2024

Five tips for creating an excellent cardboard display boxes

The retail market around the globe runs entirely on the principle of showcasing the products. The better your products are displayed, the more they will become popular among the consumers. Manufacturers of different types of products always search for packaging that they can provide to their retailing partners.

The purpose of this activity is to enhance the popularity of their manufactured goods. Thanks to the display boxes that this goal can be achieved with ease. These cartons are made with different types of items that include cardboard stock, corrugated stock, and Kraft stock.

Since these cartons are used for exhibiting of a number of goods, the choice of the material being used for these cartons depends upon the type of the items that are to be placed in them. The items that are showcased in these cartons include; cupcakes, chocolates, candies, lollipops, lipsticks, lip balms, mascara, and key chains, to name a few. Following are few tips using which you can improve these containers and get the maximum output from them which can be beneficial for your brand reputation as well as revenue generation.

Get a balanced design

The balanced design of the package of your product is the most important thing that you should consider while setting up the plan for launching the product in the market. A balanced design means a sensible choice of colors that you wanted to be put on the display boxes of your products. Remember that the color combination strikes the eyes of the buyers immediately and it helps them to make the buying decision. There are also other elements that come in a balanced design. They include the addition of typography, images, and graphics to the packages. Considering these elements while designing the packaging of your manufactured goods will be beneficial for your brand reputation.

Product-oriented size

These custom display boxes are used for showcasing a number of items that are not the same in size, shape, and nature. Make sure that the design that you are choosing is appropriate according to your goods. A package designed for the display of food items will never be an ideal choice for cosmetics or vice versa. Choosing the right size of the package for the goods is important because it will decide how much your product is going to be showcased properly. Although, there is a possibility that a carton for exhibiting chocolate cupcakes can also be used for the vanilla flavor of the same product but it would be unlikely to use it for lipstick or mascara. They will surely not look great in such a carton. That is why pick the right size of the package so your items get the right amount of display they deserve.

Own your product

Who else is going to honor your product if it is not receiving the due respect from you in the first place? The best, easiest, and effective way to do that is to own the items that you are manufacturing. Let the customers know that this particular product comes from a trusted brand like yours. Add a logo of your brand at a prominent place on the custom display boxes where it can be seen by the buyers easily. Sometimes, buyers pick up the commodity only by seeing the logo of their trusted manufacturer on the packaging. It also makes it easier for them to identify their favourite goods produced by their trusted producers.

Choose the best material

Making the right choice for the manufacturing of these showcasing cartons in as much important as the item for consumption itself. Since these cartons are to be used for articles that are different in term of their nature, the material that is used for their manufacturing is also important. Although, cardboard is a trusted manufacturing material but its thickness depends upon the size and weight of the items that are to be placed on it. Moreover, the packaging material is also important as it is one of those things that buyers show concern about.

Do not forget the finishing

Finishing off the packaging solutions plays an important role in making them better, durable, reliable, and presentable. The most commonly used finishing type is using vinyl sheet as lamination. Other options including foiling in gold, silver, and copper shades as well as spot UV, embossing, and reverse-embossing are also included in it. Finishing enhances the overall appearance as well as resistance power of the packages and makes them more attractive and protective.


The above-mentioned five tips are the most beneficial for making the display containers the most useful and productive tool for the marketing of your manufactured goods. These benefits can be availed from all the leading packaging and printing manufacturing companies online. Make sure that the packaging manufacturing company that you are planning to choose is offering these options or else you better look for another one.

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