June 4, 2024

Common Negative SEO Tactics and Ways to Avoid Them

negative seo

Search engine optimization holds significant importance for websites and businesses. It is an important means for them to ensure higher rankings of their keywords, grabbing the users’ attention and leading to their popularity. They utilize several tactics to ensure their keyword is appearing on top of the ranking list.

Making the keywords rank is not always an easy task, which has given rise to a negative trend, i.e., negative SEO. It is an unethical practice in which people target their competitors’ SEO strategy and cause loss to it by utilizing multiple techniques. Their rankings automatically soar higher when that of their competitors face a loss.

This article aims to shed light on some of the common negative SEO tactics and ways to avoid them.

Top 4 Negative SEO Tactics you need to Watch Out for

There is immense competition in the SEO industry of progressive countries like the UAE; therefore, negative SEO is also becoming a popular trend. Still, it cannot be denied that it is an unethical practice that can be considered a cybercrime as well. The organizations have to stay vigilant of their SEO activities, to avoid such attacks and ensure their progress.

The following are some of the top negative SEO tactics that you need to watch out for and fix before you have to face any loss.

Spammy Links Development

The very first negative SEO tactic used by most of the companies is developing spammy links. Such links are related to that of their competitors and are of quite low quality. By using these, they try to undervalue the high ranking and many making keywords of their target. 

This is an absolutely wrong practice, and Google has developed few tricks to monitor and control such attacks. Still, the companies need to focus on their backlinks development and watch their rankings to evade potential attacks. All of this requires professional expertise, so businesses often rely on an SEO services company in Dubai to ensure to fight spammy link development.

Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attacks

Launching the DDoS attacks is one of the most common negative SEO tactics, which is equally unethical as the development of spammy links. Your enemies can send a heavy load of traffic on your site through a distributed denial-of-service attack, causing it to crash down.

Google, as well as site users, will not be able to access it, which will lower the website’s ranking and fulfill the purpose of tour attackers. The most important way to avoid this type of attack is to watch your site’s loading speed. If it is becoming slower over time, you need to fix it immediately as it is the biggest hole for DDoS attacks.

Content Duplication

Another commonly used negative SEO tactic is content duplication. Google can identify the copied text right away. It does not let such pages or sites to rank higher than utilize copied content. You might not be using plagiarized content; however, your competitors can copy it.

Such a practice will cause harm to your site as well. So, be aware of the fact that no one is copying the content from your website and publishing it on their own, while claiming it as theirs. You can use the plagiarism checking tools to ensure that no one has copied content form you and takes action against them.

Hacking Websites

Another commonly practiced negative SEO tactic that you need to watch out for is your website’s hacking. Hacked websites lose ranking on Google and lose their usual traffic, as Google notifies the users about it. It makes them aware that the site has been hacked and might not be safe for their use.

So, you need to ensure the safety of your website and get the professional involved to watch out for negative SEO attacks. You can acquire the help of an SEO services company in Dubai and ensure that the experts stop all the attacks and utilize techniques to boost your rankings.

Save your site from negative SEO!

Negative SEO might be trending; however, it does not make the practice ethical. You need to stay vigilant and ensure that your site is not becoming the target of any such attacks. If you are not much aware of the field and its working, you might not be able to make a huge difference.

So, it is always better to let the professionals handle the difficult task with complete mastery. You can also get in touch with one and ensure higher ranking s of your site, instead of continually worrying about it.