May 24, 2024

Bring the Perfect Smart TV under Your Budget on EMI

So, you are looking for the perfect smart TV. What defines the word ‘PERFECT’? It’s really difficult to encapsulate the concept in a few words. Every other day, new launches are coming into the market to dethrone the best models dominating the technological landscape. However, when budget comes into play, deciding the perfect purchase gets lot easier. 

LG TVs offer amazing display. In fact, it is high quality display that makes LG one of the most popular brands across the world. LG TVs, designed to fit the pocket size of a large number of people, are available in a wide range of prices. For example, you can buy an LG 32 inch LED TV at a low price or at an exorbitant price, depending on the features and functions you are looking and willing to pay for.

These days, you can buy an expensive TV even if you don’t have a deep pocket. You can make a small amount of payment for a certain period of time through EMIs at Bajaj Finsery EMI Store. Before buying a smart TV, it’s important to evaluate your budget and consider a 5-point checklist. The challenge is to buy the best that will easily fit your budget and deliver the finest services for the longest time possible. 

Screen Size

Irrespective of the brand name, the lowest screen size of any smart TV is 32 inches. The bigger the size, the more it costs. But always remember the proverb – cut your coat according to your clothes. 

Don’t stay confined to an LG 32 Inch LED TV. Make a choice depending on your home dimension and viewing pattern. Also consider the distance between where you will sit and where you will place your TV unit. 

How many members do you have in your family? Do they watch movie, sports, live show or any other program together? If yes, consider a large-sized screen that will fit your space and deliver high-quality visuals. 

Video Quality

The higher the resolution, the better! Higher resolution ensures better viewing experience. Low resolution makes images appear blurred. You will also miss detailing and it will damage your entertainment experience. LG always incorporates new technologies in their models. As a result, LG smart TVs are really great for an immersive entertainment experience.

Whether you are buying TV online or at a brick and mortar store, always make it a point to check resolution and refreshment. These two play a crucial role in determining whether you will get the finest or the worst kind of entertainment experience. 

Buy a smart TV that relies on high-end display technology and supports different formats. For example, a full HD TV with 1080 pixel will deliver lifelike images. But if you have a low budget, switch to other options in search of a perfect balance between price and performance. 

Audio Output

A TV brings you a package of audio-video delight right at your home. Therefore, audio quality is a feature that you cannot ignore. Most smart TVs feature a good sound bar to complement great video quality. Buy a TV that comes with an excellent built-in sound system. 

Many smart TVs tumbling out of the LG den support Dolby Digital Sound. They produce audio output as high as 30W. Superior audio quality of an LG 32 Inch LED TV promises better clarity and depth in output and creates a theatre-like ambience at your home. 

More advanced LG smart TVs support the latest technology (for example, Dolby Atoms). Want to buy an advanced avatar? Get ready to spend a fortune. 

Web Features 

Advanced connectivity and compatibility is the key when it comes to smart TVs. Therefore, never forget to check and assess web connectivity of the smart TV you intend to purchase. 

Many elite brands including LG offer a series of Android-based TV models. These high-end TVs support Wi-Fi connectivity, streaming platforms, games, applications and web browsers. The advanced features accentuate your entertainment experience. 

Also make it a point to look for other important features such as, additional ports, integrated web operating system etc. 


Though warranty is the last point on the checklist, it is not less important than any of the afore-mentioned factors. Whether you buy an LG 32 inch LED TV or another LG smart model, checking the warranty of the product always makes sense. 

Thanks to embedded advanced technology, smart TVs have improved efficiency and a long life. But there is a serious downside. A simple and single glitch can cost you a hefty sum for repairs. That is why, it is important to buy a model with an extended warranty that covers costly repairs. 

So, what is preventing you from buying a perfect TV? Are you worried about shortage of fund? Visit Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for easy-to-pay EMI scheme. Decide your budget and brand; enter the details and check the options. Pay less, get more.