June 6, 2024

Brain Tumour Surgery Cost For Craniotomy in India

The brain is the most sensitive part of the body. Any disorder in the brain can lead to severe consequences. It takes a lot of pain for a neurosurgeon to cure any disease in the brain. It requires the experience of several decades to get perfection at healing brain disorders. 

Well, the top neurosurgeons in India have a notch for treating all types of brain diseases. If you are suffering from a brain tumour or cancer, you will be glad to know that the success rate of treatment in India is above 90%. 

The doctors are well-versed with all the procedures for Brain Tumour Treatment like:

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy, and 
  • Craniotomy. 

A Craniotomy is one of the most used procedures for the treatment of brain tumour, whenever possible. The Cost of Brain Tumour Treatment highly depends on the process followed for the cure. 

Cost of Craniotomy in India:

A craniotomy is a surgical process used for the cure of brain tumour. Well, it cannot always cure the brain tumour alone. Sometimes, craniotomy can only remove a portion of the brain tumour, where it is possible to perform the surgery. 

The surgeon removes the remaining tumour cells using chemotherapy or radiation therapy. 

Now, if we talk about the price of Brain Tumour Treatment through craniotomy, it is around 6,000 to 9,000 US dollars. Well, it is just an approximate cost. The overall cost depends on several other factors like:

  • The stage of brain tumour
  • Type of brain tumour ( cancerous or non-cancerous)
  • Area covered under the tumour
  • Age of the patient
  • The overall medical condition of the patient and more

Well, all the above factors can further add to the price of treatment. 

Additionally, if the procedure requires radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the price increases based on the number of sessions. The price of a single session of chemotherapy can add up to USD 800 to 1,500 to the overall cost of brain tumour surgery. 

On the other hand, if the surgeons need to take the help of radiation therapy along with craniotomy, there can be an additional cost of 1,500 to 2,500 dollars per session. The price of one session of radiation therapy depends on the intensity of radiation. 

So, the price for the treatment of a brain tumour cannot be a standard price for all. It is highly variant as per the personalised condition of the patient. 

Final Words:

The cost of brain tumour treatment irrespective of the procedure is less compared to other countries of the world. So, if you wish to get a high-quality result-oriented treatment at a minimum possible cost, then plan your medical tourism to India.

For knowing the approximate cost-estimate of a brain tumour surgery personalised to your condition, you can approach medical tourism companies of India like Denesa Health. 

The customer support team of medical tourism companies take your reports and forward it to a neurosurgeon. Once the receive the treatment opinion, they can forward the same with you.