April 18, 2024

Bonjour! Experience Unique Canadian Culture

What is all the fuss about traveling? Are you not happy at your home, in the cozy warm bed and just sleep in? Sorry, not today.

Life is meant to live; it’s more than just living it hour by hour on a repetitive pattern. When you travel you break the domino effect that is dragging you by the neck. The ultimate lesson is worth it, you learn all about that the four-walled bedroom never could teach you otherwise.

For a place where people ice skate over the ocean, Canada will never cease to amaze. A country so full of life and beauty, it is hard not to visit it and learn from the natural surroundings. But hold on, let’s take a deeper look this time and you will find a lot to learn from the country that translates into the word “Village”.

Upside down, all the way from downtown to mainstream, Canada will surprise you!

A basic introduction is a must for you to remember when you are sitting on the plush seat of airport limo GTA and planning your next pit stop. So as long as it gets you to reach a destination Google some of the mainstream information;

Home of various cultures

A vast country, full of ethnic groups living together under the name of Canada, has been a hoe for many for a long time now. From historical wars to current democrats, this country has a mass of fan following (besides Justin Trudeau) as a result of which tourism is highly favorable.  It’s not only the public we are talking about, guess what? Queen Elizabeth has limited control over the government (yes you can close your dropped jaw now) and she is the sole figurehead. 

From governmental culture to individual level, dual nationality is like second nature, so don’t be surprised when you see French, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Muslims, etc. making a living here.


A country is known by the language spoken in it. As Canada, is home to color natives it’s an automatic understanding more than one language is being spoken around here.

Usually, you will see Canadian English spoken widely, but French is the most important language (an official language) in Canada. Let’s say more than 60 aboriginal languages are being spoken around so it means you will hear dialects like English (58%), French (22%), Punjabi (1.4%), German (1.3%), Cantonese (1.2%), Arabic (1.1%) and Spanish (1.3%).


We all do love festivals and events and so in Canada, you will experience New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween (yay!), Christmas Eve and well you get the idea.

Among the common national festivities, each community represents their culture and traditions as well according to the festive occasions. Canada is open to every happy occasion and doesn’t discriminate among any.

 During such occasions, you will get to see limousines strolling the roads, as people use limo services in abundance to enhance their experience.


With a large diversified population, communities rising with native faiths and beliefs live here, with a strong attachment to their roots. The most common of religions you can see blooming in different regions are; Catholics (39%), Protestant (20%), Orthodox (1.6%), Christian (6.3%), Muslims (3.2%), etc. now each community brings something to the middle so that all various groups live in peace and harmony.

Now, do you get why the words Canada resonates with the word Village? You will love to visit the place even for some peace.


One of the major factors influencing the culture is traveling or the love of visiting the museums, parks, mountains, and operas, etc. that fill the major out burns of Canada. Such as Ontario is famous for the Niagara Falls, Bronte Creek, Chicopee Ski Resorts, etc. present the locals and travelers with the opportunities to rekindle their lust for traveling.

One might easily fall for surcharge rates so; you can choose to share a limo service to make sure you reach the destination. Besides, Canada always keeps its arms open for everyone interested enough to visit the country.

So what do you think? A bit of knowledge gain and ultimate traveling can do you some good. Do try it whenever you can.