June 21, 2024

Best Bitcoin Wallets Which Every Bitcoin Lover Must Know

It has been decades now since Bitcoin became a milestone in the new financial world. This prominent cryptocurrency is credited with many Bitcoin millionaire stories which also include Indian Bitcoin millionaire. Today, Bitcoin has become a household name for many tech-savvies. It is a belief that cryptocurrencies are much simple and secured and comes with surety of privacy in comparison to regular currencies. Since Bitcoin seems to be an asset having limited supply, it came as an investment opportunity for most people. Many crypto lovers are smitten by cryptocurrencies as a new form of monetary technology, which is going to overshadow banking and traditional currencies. But hold your horses, it is indeed a successful phenomenon but can be too risky for making investments. If you are smart enough to analyze the risks and want to initiate further, then we bring you some of the best Bitcoin wallets to store your bitcoins.

Some Best Bitcoin Wallets

Now we are going to introduce you with some of the best Bitcoin wallets that are a must for every Bitcoin lover to know it. So let us start with:


SoFi is among the best Bitcoin wallet to be recommended. It is a financial firm that provides lending, banking, and investing. By making it a preferred option, it is easy to sell, hold, and buy Bitcoin and even other cryptocurrencies. However, as a markup, it charges for a transaction of around 1.25%. In the current year (2020), five distinctive currencies have been supported by SoFi. Even though, it is not a very pretty figure in comparison to other currencies. But the currencies which SoFi supports are very popular ones. So it does make an impact. Among these popular currencies, includes Bitcoin. SoFi is a very ideal platform for beginners who are just new to the crypto world. 


Coming to the next best Bitcoin wallet is Coinbase. Here you can buy hold and sell digital currencies. If you refer to this Bitcoin wallet, then it will be easy to transfer dollars from or in your wallet, and it is possible if you get connected with a U.S. bank account. These dollars can be used for purchasing Bitcoin and other fellow crypto coins. This digital crypto wallet is special for those who are newly introduced to Bitcoin. But you must not forget the fact that Coinbase is very expensive in cost and fees. 


The name ‘Robinhood’ is familiar to most of us. And why not, it rewinds our childhood. But the Robinhood which we are mentioning is not the character but a free stock trading platform that includes the dominant cryptocurrency, Bitcoin along with other digital currencies. Akin to Coinbase, Robinhood is also an exchange and a wallet too. So it is two in one technology. But there is a problem. If you think of transferring coins from Robinhood with other wallets, then sorry to say, it is not possible. But it is the first mobile platform that has a desktop version too. The feature which sets Robinhood apart from others is that it does not cost you anything because it is free. No commissions are possible here in buying Bitcoin.


Trezor also stands among the best Bitcoin wallet. Suppose your cryptocurrencies get stolen by someone, then it will certainly bother you a lot. And there is no wrong in thinking that way. We are saying this because there have been prior cases of hacking of cryptocurrencies, where people suffered a major loss. So it will be wise if you show your concern about your crypto coins. The Trezor hardware wallet is a perfect device in letting your bitcoins stored in it. This Bitcoin wallet can be easily plugged into a smartphone or computer. 


So these are some of the best Bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin wallets are very important for users who are holding cryptocurrencies. Among many richest Bitcoin holders, there are Indians like Akshay Haldipur who is known to be the highest Bitcoin holder in India. SoFi, Robinhood, and Coinbase and Trezor are some of the ideal choices for those having a strong investment background. These Bitcoin wallets come as the best options which facilitate users with eminent features including security, price, simple in use. If you are inquisitive to know about the latest developments taking place in the crypto world, then better start following crypto news.