June 22, 2024

6 Games Like Grow Castle That Will Keep You Engaged All Day Long

Grow Castle was developed and launched by Raon Games, the developers of Bouncy Ball and Stickman and gun. It is compatible with all devices and is available on the play store and the app store both. The player is the leader of his army and may choose from a long list of 120 leaders. In their position, he or she is expected to command the army, save the gold and act as the defensive wall from the enemies. The leader is simply defending his or her colony in the battles against other armies.

Raon Games last updated it in September 2021 and it consists of good graphics and a simple control system. There are multiple games like grow castle that are listed below:

6 Games Like Grow Castle

  1. Blade of Conquest- it is a single-player video game in which the player is a prince who needs to look for followers in his or her kingdom. The purpose of these followers is to create an army to fight off the enemies and restore the kingdom. After having built a kingdom strong enough, the prince may even become the lord! He does this after having conquered hundreds of regions.
  2. Stick War: Legacy- it was launched by Max Games Studios and is another arcade game revolving around destroying their enemies. Players build their armies strong enough to beat all others. A fictional world called Inamorta is created where several nations are already present. The game revolves around attacking techniques and defense strategies. The more nations players conquer, the more points they earn and become the ultimate masters!
  3. The Battle Cats Pop: The infamous Panos Corporation launched it. It is a multiplayer game and may be played on Nintendo 3DS. The unique feature of this army building arcade game is that it revolves around cats fighting.
  4. Social Wars- this game may be played on Facebook specifically. The player finds soldiers and builds an army from scratch and is responsible for getting them the weapons to fight. Here the enemies are aliens and the world needs to be protected from them. They have point systems to unlock new levels, weapons, and other game features.
  5. Teelonians: Clan Wars- is a tactics-based game launched for single players. Enemy teams invade the players’ world and the players need to protect their own. Here, the player recruits the army to kill the enemy armies. The army has to be strategically placed and everything has to be planned since all characters have unique abilities which need to be leveraged to win the game.
  6. Cartoon Wars- much like the game suggests it exists in the world of cartoons wherein two tribes exist: the black tribe and the white tribe. These tribes are exploited and forced into slavery and need to be freed. The player decides which tribe they are willing to pay for and help attain freedom. Again, a strong team needs to be built, upgraded, trained and properly equipped to defend the tribe from the colour tribe (evil tribe).