April 18, 2024

5 Tips for your Wedding Day! Choose Your Wedding Photographer Wisely

Wedding Photographer

The photographer that is the most important part of any wedding and a wedding is incomplete without a photographer and a videographer. Now there are 5 tips which you should keep it in mind.  

First tip: The budget

First, the budget is very important as what budget you want, how many days you want like do you want it during just the wedding time or you want some candid pics while you are getting ready. So you know you should categorize yourself and make a checklist in advance because that will help the package to be prepared that’s really very important.

Second thing: Wedding photographer

The second thing, which is very important is that your wedding photographer should understand your personality and that kind of pics should be clicked. You should sit with your photographer which is not so much in India but still nowadays photographers are coming and they just talk to you and know your personality so that they could click pics and make videos accordingly.

You know these are the lifetime memories with you. So they can include your friends or you know your journey your love story so they should know a little bit about your personality which is very important.

Third tip

The third thing, is the props now this was not the concept a few years back. But nowadays you have so many props or you have so many things to play when you take pics. So ask your photographer for some ideas because they are really well into it and even use check some ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, just check those ideas or those props which you can use or incorporate during your wedding photos.

How you can plan for it ask your friend to help you or your sister or anyone else to help so that you know at what time what photography should be done or what pictures should be clicked in what sense. You should just have an imagination picture as well as keep some samples with you, so that you can show him also your photographer.

Fourth tip

Now the fourth tip, that’s very important is like you know usually during Roca time the couple photos were clicked later like after the event. Now after the event, your makeup gets very dull it’s very important that you know these kinds of pics should we click as soon as you both get engaged and meet each other and you know that time it should not be kept before like when you get alone time so that should be managed time is really very important thing.

Now when while you’re doing makeup so you know the photographer should have that time you should keep that span of time for the photographer. Also to click your candid pics, it’s not that you are getting a hurry and you know you just have to rush to the venue or you are getting late at the makeup you should remove this extra time for the photography also that’s really very important.

Because these are like your lifetime things with you and you should really invest time because photography as well as album these days are really very costly.

So you should focus on these things, one thing I have realized you have so many pics like your photography or your album has no pics like the soft copy they give you approximately thousands of pics you know how do you incorporate for other things start making a checklist like a family tree like our family our parents then siblings then grandparents parents and then comes the first cousins and the first family, so we just incorporate these people around and later in one of the sheet we have incorporate some of our friends and you know like close ones who were very close.

Then there was one the sheet where random relatives will put then we could give enough time like enough space for everyone like one page for the Groom first relatives and cousins, then one page for the Bride first relatives and cousin.

Then they were like alone-alone like Groom’s sibling and Bride’s sister. So you know this way you can incorporate the album. This way really help you a lot to sort out things because you get really confused with so many pictures this is the post work.

Last tip

You should also go for trials or you know you should be camera oriented, some people are really shy when it comes to the camera or some people have this habit whenever the clicking camera captures you automatically close your eyes.

Or you know some of the spaces where you are little bit intimate or close to each other you feel shy because of your photographer or people around you so you should be aware of the location like you know the pre-wedding photo shoots and all make sure that you visit that place and you see that place so that even you have some idea about this place like one day before.

It’s really very important that you have to also, check with your photographer as to what is his style do he is he good in candid pics or is he good in those blurred background pics you know there are so many kinds of photography or an object photo is he good in that and how will he take that videography you should because you know during marriage time you will be a little busy and everyone looks the same like you know does lahenga choli and everything that is kind of same pattern whereas during your pre marriage photo shoots.

It is so common you enhance you come out with the personality you tell your story to your audience so you know that time you can invest more rather than during marriage.

Keep in relationship with your photographer that’s really very important just talk to him he should not be an unknown person coming and just clicking pics and making the videos and also recheck your highlights it’s better because no one sees those full videos it’s better that you focus on the highlights of all the events you know highlight or trailer but that’s very important where you should focus on.

Make sure that you have some non-copyright music so that your video comes out a little bit more creative ask the photographer for some non-copyright music to use so that you can share it on YouTube and there’s no copyright in that.

I think that that is really very important you will come up with a unique song and everything. Keep it in mind that you discuss about the light also because you know there are marriages which happened during the morning time or during the golden period time and you make the best use of these things you know it should not be always the flash thing it should be other things also which camera he is using a little bit idea you should have about these things.