April 18, 2024

5 Netflix Shows Like Narcos



Narcos is that TV show that millions of people loved even though it depicts the lifestyle of one of the most influential drug lords of all time. Netflix produced Narcos is the story of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and how he burned down money because his daughter Manuela Escobar felt cold.

Pablo had managed to get run one of the biggest drug cartels in the world. If you have seen Narcos, you must know how the story of Columbian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar goes. Narcos managed to show Escobar’s personal life more clearly.

Other TV shows or movies failed to do so. The show went into the depth about character depiction related to Pablo’s wife Tata Escobar, his beloved cousin, and partner Gustavo Gaviria.

TV shows like this might be depicting the drug lords in heroic ways, yet people find them entertaining, and that’s why we have decided to bring a list of 5 Netflix shows like Narcos. Netflix has already cashed in the opportunity of showing everything about Pablo Escobar that even took them to the court trial.

Because the brother of Pablo Escobar filed the lawsuit against Netflix for trademark issues yet the show became quite successful. Still, there are many things which narcos didn’t manage to show to the audience, like where his only daughter Manuela Escobar and Wife Tata Escobar.

You can still enjoy some other TV shows that are quite similar to Narcos, and you might like them.

Breaking Bad

If there is one TV show, everyone has loved and watched at least once; then it must be Breaking Bad. It’s the story of how a chemistry teacher becomes the drug lord to save his family from the forthcoming financial crisis after he gets diagnosed with cancer.

Chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) collaborates with his ex-student Jesse Pinkman (Aron Paul) and manages to build one of the biggest drug cartels in the country. This show will make you feel connected to Narcos because of its emphasis on how the family of drug lords suffers.

In Narcos, also we saw how for the sake of his daughter Manuela Escobar the drug lord burns $2 million of cash. You will see some epic things like those in Breaking Bad also.

Surviving Escobar Alias JJ

This show is the story of Alias JJ, a personal hitman of drug lord Pablo Escobar who gives himself to the authorities. After the sudden decline of Escobar, Alias JJ has to survive in prison among the enemies he made and use the tactics to gain respect.

This Tv show depicts how Alias JJ survives in jail and manages the drug trafficking cartel successfully. If you want to know about Escobar’s cartel’s other members, then you shouldn’t miss this show.


Ozark might not be focused solely on drug cartels in the first season, but it depicts how money laundering works. It’s the story of a financial planner Marty Byrde who has relocated his family to the isolated resort community in Ozark from Chicago.

After the money laundering scheme for a drug lord does not go as planned, the protagonist moves his family to Ozark and faces various problems within the family and from the drug cartels. This show tells us how the family members of drug cartels have to live in isolated places without police or enemies’ limelight.

Drug Lords

This is actually a documentary series that is focused on the world’s biggest drug lord and their business operations. The first episode is dedicated to the life of Pablo Escobar, and it might be the only series where you will get the required information on how Pablo managed to keep the identity of his family secret.

Many people still don’t know anything about Manuela Escobar, who was Pablo’s only daughter or even his wife, Tata Escobar. The series gives you glimpses of those facts which even Netflix produced narcos weren’t able to capture.

Peaky Blinders

The story of Peaky Blinders might not be the same, or it’s not even similar, but the way this show depicts gang lords business, you wouldn’t miss it. Peaky Blinders is how a British family gang manages to run an illegal business by killing its various enemies.

The only thing we found similar to the Narcos in this show is the depiction of violence in these dangerous businesses. So if you like gang-related shows or want to see some violence like Narcos, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Final Words

So these are some of the best Narcos related Tv shows which you will definitely like. The story of Narcos might not be similar to the reality since Netflix decided not to go in detail of family members of the drug lord Pablo Escobar.

There are many other documentaries available on Youtube also that will give you the detail about the lifestyle of Pablo Escobar and how the drug cartel system currently works.