June 4, 2024

5 Best Places You Should Choose At Your Home To Install Folding Doors

Slide and fold doors are a welcome addition to your home. But do you know where to put them? If you’re not quite sure where they’d do you the most good, here are five of the best spots that you can pick. Whether you choose just one or all of them, find out if these ideas can work with the floor space you have.

In Your Bedroom 

You can use folding doors in your sleep space. Divide areas in your bedroom quickly enough with these doors. If you have spots for entertaining people—like a small couch or sofa—then that could be your sitting room. Putting a sliding folding glass door in your bedroom can make that happen.

In Your Wardrobe 

There’s something about using a soundproof door that comes off classy. You only have to look through the glass to see your collection, and that can be tremendously satisfying. Every time you step into your walk-in closet, those slide and fold doors make it easy for you to take in and admire every single item that you’ve added to your collection. This can also serve as a motivation for you to work even harder at growing your collection.

In Your Terrace

You can also put folding doors to serve as an entrance to your outdoor space. Those folding glass doors add a wonderful touch to the dramatic space if you have a wide-open terrace or balcony. It also works well if you decide to close up that area, with glass doors allowing you to look out to that space. If you have a lot of open space on your balcony, having sliding doors that lead to them adds a scenic touch to your architecture. Just make sure you pick the doors in a style that matches your interiors and exteriors.

In Your Living Room 

If you want to divide your living room into different recreational areas or designate one place where you can receive guests and another area where you can work, then a set of folding doors will work. If you’re thinking about converting some of the space, you have into a home office, and then there’s no need to have to talk to a contractor about putting up walls to give you another room. Sliding doors can fix the problem for you. With a handy divider for the area, you won’t have to worry about hiring a contractor to repair your floor space. These folding doors make it easy for you to create dividers in your home.

In Your Dining Room 

You can use a sliding folding glass door to separate your dining area from your kitchen. And if you have a spot for outdoor dining, this is also an ideal way to establish that space. With a sliding door in between, you can create transitions from your dining to your kitchen. That or put one between your indoor and outdoor dining space. Whichever option you prefer, these ALUK + TOSTEM slide and fold doors will come in handy for you.