Romelu Lukaku Determined Continues to Improve Performance

Romelu Lukaku Determined Continues to Improve Performance

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku thinks he still has a lot of things to improve to become a more savage striker in front of goal Agen Sbobet.

During Manchester United’s defense, Romelu Lukaku always managed to score goals in official matches. In the first two matches, the 24-year-old striker scored three goals.

In addition to three goals in preseason games, Lukaku successfully broke into the Real Madrid goalkeeper in the European Super Cup and twice in the face of West Ham United in the opening game of the English League 2017-2018.

Nicks the goals of Lukaku with the previous clubs are also fairly high. He scored 87 goals for Everton (166 games), 41 for Anderlecht (98), and 17 for West Bromwich Albion (38) in all competitions.

However, Lukaku claimed not satisfied with the incision. The Belgian is also still trying to improve themselves to become a more savage striker again each time to execute opportunities to the opponent’s goal.

“I can still improve myself in every way, I’m only 24 years old and never thought I was at the peak of my performance,” Lukaku told NBC.

“I am trying to improve the movement, the header and the final settlement using the left and right legs, and although it looks good so far, I am a perfectionist and want to be the best choice for the team to win the match.”

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