Neymar: Bartomeu The Cute President

Neymar: Bartomeu The Cute President

Paris Saint-Germain’s new bomber, Neymar, claims Barcelona’s presidential statement, Josep Maria Bartomeu, as a mere joke.

Previously, Bartomeu himself said if he regretted having given trust to Neymar and his father. But Bartomeu considers Neymar’s sense of opportunity for Barca to make changes in the team.

Neymar then replied to the president’s revelation through his personal Instagram account, which was then uploaded by local media.

“This president is a joke!” Wrote Neymar in his personal instagram account, which was followed by some emoji who showed a roar of laughter.

Neymar’s departure has indeed encouraged the spending of players from Barca. Where in this summer, Barca have brought Ousmane Dembele with the initial cost of 105 million euros from Borussia Dortmuind, and Barca also bring Paulinho with a dowry of 40 million euros from Guangzhou Evergrande.

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