King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

King Imbang, Persib Pede Not Died Bobotoh

Disappointment bobotoh against his favorite team, Persib Bandung began to appear when Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan Cs achieve a draw three times in a row when playing at home Taruhan Bola.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar rate fair thing that the article as a supporter of course expect maximum results especially when playing with the status of the host.

But Umuh remain optimistic bobotoh will provide maximum support, especially for Persib revival in League 1. He believes bobotoh will not leave Persib.

“I have confidence because this bobotoh already fused, ingrained, whatever for Persib, but they still support,” he said on Tuesday (26/09/2017).

Umuh still appealed to bobotoh not to do things that violate the rules in conveying aspirations or a form of disappointment to the champion ISL 2014.

“I also do not blame the disappointment, but there are rules, it should be natural, we are just less fortunate (got three draws in a stables in a row).”

“Insha Allah we improve and evaluate, all (players and coaching staff) are happy to do better, ask for their prayers for bobotoh so that Persib is better in the future,” said Umuh.

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