Fabregas: Arsenal Do not Want Me Join Again

Fabregas: Arsenal Do not Want Me Join Again

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has stated that he chose to join Stamford Bridge because Arsenal did not show a serious interest to repatriate him.

In 2014, the Spanish national team retainer has a choice when leaving Barcelona for the second time, but the player prefers to continue his football career under the direction of Jose Mourinho at the time. Even his presence is able to attract fans of fans to come to the stadium. Interestingly his best selling jersey is also purchased.

The player himself admitted that at that time actually everything could have changed which of course back to the Emirates stadium. However, due to the slow response given by Arsene Wenger then the Gunners failed memboyongnya.

However it is reported that the Gunners have no interest to bring it, because they have a lot of options in midfield. Arsenal then had the midfielders like Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla, Aron Ramsey and also Francis Coquelin.

Although ignored by the management of Arsenal club, but Fabregas is still very respectful of the figure of Wenger who has done much for his football career so far.

“Once I made the decision to leave Barca, Arsenal became the top choice and Barcelona were obliged to contact Arsenal first,” Cesc Fabregas told the media.

“I know Chelsea are among those (interested), but after I talked to Jose Mourinho, he managed to convince me that this is my next club.

“A week passes, Arsenal have yet to respond, never contacted me too, so I chose to move to Chelsea because they had a lot of midfielders in their squad.

“I still feel very attached, even now to Arsenal my feeling towards the club, I do not have to repeat myself, every time we play against them, because it is known to anyone who does not believe me or not. I feel like this, not true.

“I know how I feel, my family and that’s all that matters to me, I am impressed with Arsene Wenger, I admire him as a coach. I always said he was like my father. “

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