10 Duel Rain Cards as Liverpool Meet Man United

10 Duel Rain Cards as Liverpool Meet Man United

This weekend, the English League presents a bigmatch at Anfield when Liverpool host Manchester United on Saturday (14/10/2017). The meeting between the two teams is always exciting and hot.

A lot of drama is going on and the referees have to work extra hard when leading this fellow red-team duel. Here are 10 games that force the referee issued many yellow cards, even red cards.

1. Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United (18 February 2006)

Both teams meet in the FA Cup. Liverpool took the lead in the first half via Peter Crouch in the 19th minute.

Instead of adding a goal, both teams just like competing to harvest a yellow card after the striker’s tall goal. A total of seven yellow cards out of the pocket Howard Webb who became the court of action.

Four of them are addressed to Liverpool players, namely Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Harry Kewell and Dietmar Hamann. Man United’s players, Gary Neville, Nemanja Vidic and Ryan Giggs became yellow card receivers in the second half.

2. Manchester United 3-0 Liverpool (14 December 2014)

Just like the meeting in 2006, there are seven yellow cards in this Premier League game.

Four Man United players became recipients, namely Marouane Fellaini, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans and Wayne Rooney. The Liverpool players who got “angpau” from referee Martin Atkinson is Joe Allen, Mario Balotelli and Steven Gerrard.

Manchester United won 3-0 at the game at Old Trafford, thanks to goals from Rooney (12 ‘), Juan Mata (40’) and Robin van Persie (71 ‘).

3. Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United (3 March 2007)

There are four players who received yellow cards in this match, namely Jamie Carragher and Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), and Michael Carrick and Gary Neville (Man United).

The match was tight and like meeting the climax in the 86th minute. Paul Scholes, Man United’s legend, cast his elbows into Alonso’s face as the two scrambled for the ball.

Referee Martin Atkinson bluntly gave him a red card. Man United nonetheless still win 1-0 through John O’Shea goal in the final minutes of the game.

4. Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United (March 22, 2015)

Four yellow cards came out in this match, each for Ander Herrera, Phil Jones, Joe Allen and Mario Balotelli.

However, the most attention in the game is a red card Steven Gerrard, who entered in the second half as a substitute. Not less than 38 minutes later, he was out again because of the red card due to step on the opponent’s leg.

Man United came home with three points thanks to a surplus of one player on the pitch.

5. Manchester United 2-0 Liverpool (24 September 1998)

There are no red cards in this match. However, eight times the referee must issue a yellow card from his pocket due to high tension match.

Players like Jaap Stam, Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Jamie Carragher, Paul Ince, Jamie Redknapp and Patrick Berger are the yellow card recipients of the game.

6. Liverpool 2-3 Manchester United (11 September 1999)

There are six yellow cards in the match at Anfield.

One of the cards turned red for Man United’s Andy Cole. In fact, he had scored one goal for the troops of the visitors.

In addition to Cole, players who also gets a yellow card is Jamie Redknapp, Titi Camara, Phil Neville and David Beckham.

7. Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United (January 15, 2005)

Again a flood of yellow cards. In total there are six cards that come out in the game.

One of them turned color red for Man United’s Wes Brown in the 65th minute.

Five other players who also received a yellow card is Jamie Carragher, Antonio Nunez, Roy Keane, and Wayne Rooney and Quinton Fortune.

8. Manchester United 0-3 (March 16, 2014)

Liverpool managed to steal three points from Old Trafford in this match. However, like the previous matches, the two teams meeting this time also can not be separated from the yellow card.

Nemanja Vidic even got two yellow cards alias red card. Not just Vidic who gets a yellow card, Rafael, Steven Gerrard, Martin Skrtel and Jon Flanagan also pocketed a yellow card.

9. Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool (March 14, 2009)

There were five yellow cards in this match, each for Jamie Carragher, Javier Mascherano, Martin Skrtel, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra.

Then, when the game entered the 76th minute, Nemanja Vidic breaking Steven Gerrard. The violation is not separated from the eyes of the referee who immediately gave him a red card.

10. Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United (25 October 2009)

Liverpool winning goals by Fernando Torres and Dvid N’Gog. However, that’s not what made the match at Anfield in 2009 worth remembering, but the fact that both teams ended the game with 10 men.

Liverpool lost Javier Mascherano in injury time due to a second yellow card. Man United’s fate was no better as they also lost Nemanja Vidic in the 86th minute, also due to a second yellow card.

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