Allegri Disappointed with Juventus Bid Result

Allegri Disappointed with Juventus Bid Result

Max Allegri admitted disappointed with Juventus, after only able to play a 1-1 draw against Sporting CP early this morning

Sporting host first scored the opening goal on 20 minutes by Bruno Cesar, in which Gonzalo Higuain equalized at a time that is quite late ie 79 minutes.

“It’s disappointing, because we should have a chance to make sure we qualify and we do not do it,” Allegri told local media.

“I am disappointed because the first half of the team is not playing well, although the second one is better.”

“In fact I see the team playing a bit chaotic, where should we play more organized.”

At the weekend Allegri’s squad will undergo a Serie A game against Beneveto who will be titled in Turin.